There are of course far too many Covid19 injection deaths happening for us to list them all here, however we hope that showing a few of them will help others to make better informed decisions regarding their risk versus benefit for their age group and health status. It may be one of the most important decisions people will ever make about their own health. See the Oxford Covid-19 Risk Calculator to get an idea of what your personal risk of dying from Covid-19 is, so that you can weigh it up before making your decision.

Fun loving UK mum, 34, dies 10 days after having AstraZeneca vaccine. Kimberley Lockwood suffered a bleed on the brain after having her coronavirus vaccine.

BBC presenter Lisa Shaw, aged 44, had blood clots after AstraZeneca jab. Lisa developed severe headaches a week after having the jab and fell seriously ill a few days later. She died of a brain haemorrhage caused by a blood clot three weeks after her first AstraZeneca dose.

A17-year-old girl in Washington, who contracted COVID-19 and fully recovered from the disease, died in October 2021 after receiving her second dose of the coronavirus vaccine.