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Eshani King BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, FCA, CTA, BFP 7.10.21        revised 16.10.21

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Important Note: This educational resource and account is dedicated to family, friends, unity, health and to our right to receive uncensored truthful and full information on matters relating to our health as well as the freedom to decide what we do with our own bodies based on that information. It is also dedicated to freedom and democracy for our next generation. 

This has been written to share what I and many far more eminently qualified scientific and medical experts understand to be a truthful and evidence-based account of the Covid epidemic and vaccines that is completely at odds with the tightly controlled narrative presented by mainstream media. The vast majority of this information has not been made generally available to the public and on the contrary, enormous efforts have been made to prevent anyone from becoming aware of it. I have tried to write this with minimal technical jargon to enable it to be understood by a wide lay audience. 

Some of you may have begun to feel that something is not quite right and feel disorientated by the government’s draconian, disproportionate and seemingly irrational actions and proposals. Others may well believe that the government only has our best interests at heart and think everything will eventually go back to normal. I am sorry to say this is unlikely to happen unless we all act.

In order to make this information available quickly before decisions are made on boosters or further vaccination of your family members, references to scientific journals have not always been included (and will be added later). However, much of the material linked in the document is fully referenced to scientific literature or comes straight from experts in the field and the linked material will support the vast majority of what has been said. I believe that all information provided can be supported by published scientific evidence, publicly available documents, official data and established knowledge in the areas of biology, immunology and epigenetics. Please read it with an open mind and then carry out your own research to verify what has been said. Questions and questioning are always welcome.

Considerable care and effort has gone into creating this, but others may hold different views on interpretation of the data and science. If you spot any errors, disagree with points/statements made or if I have missed anything important, I would be very grateful if you could let me know so that I can investigate and make changes where appropriate. Thank you to those who have already contributed.

Disclaimer: Please note that none of this information should be relied upon as constituting medical advice.

Contents and how to use this information:

Although this account is written to be read systematically from the beginning, the self-contained sections mean these can also be read in isolation. You will no doubt find some of what you read difficult to believe and question it. I hope the questions will all be answered in the remainder of the document. If you feel you do not wish to continue reading at any point, that is understandable, but you might still want to read the sections in blue which will provide positive information on steps you can take to save your health and prevent (further) harms. If you are already familiar with the issues discussed, you might be interested in reading the sections highlighted in red as they may contain slightly different information, interpretations or perspectives to those you might have seen elsewhere.

1. Introduction

I think it might be helpful to start by highlighting a very different response to the pandemic, an approach adopted by the Amish Community in Pennsylvania, US. Here, they allowed the virus to naturally run through the entire population very early on, gained herd immunity, went back to normal by mid-May 2020 and have had no real issues with Covid since. They did not rely on a programme of vaccination. 

Next, I will detail some actions and information demonstrating quite clearly that the generally accepted mantra of Covid vaccines being ‘safe and effective’ is not one that is shared by very many eminent scientists and doctors, most of whom support vaccines in general. It is not just that these injectables carry more risk than generally believed: it is no exaggeration to state that the level of deaths and adverse events reported to official reporting systems in the US, UK and Europe is simply astronomical. That is without even considering future biologically predictable serious adverse effects on health. However, no public questioning of this ‘safe and effective’ narrative is tolerated or permitted, with even the most long standing qualified eminent people doing so being labelled as ‘anti-vax’ or ‘dangerous’. Real science and truth can stand questioning and debate, but no public debate is allowed and the claim to be ‘following the science’ is easily demonstrated to be false.

Following the resignation of Robert Dingwall, who was reported to be opposed to the vaccination of children, and three others from the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), the JCVI still persisted in voting against the proposal to vaccinate children aged 12-15 on the basis that the risks outweigh the rewards. However, this advice was overridden and children are now being vaccinated. Why was advice ignored? What is more, young healthy children are being vaccinated without the need for parental consent. This is wholly without precedent in the UK. Office for National Statistics (ONS) data shows that there has been a 47% rise in all cause deaths amongst teenagers aged 15-19 since vaccination of this age group commenced, compared with the same period in 2020, the rise also coinciding precisely with the start of vaccination. The rise in deaths for teenage boys is 63%. The US, which started injecting the 12-15 age group earlier, has seen a 19-fold increase in the rate of myocarditis compared to the background rate. As you will see later on, myocarditis is never ‘mild’ as often now described in the media.

In another unprecedented development, two top US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials, the Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Vaccine Research, resigned and signed a letter in the Lancet strongly warning against booster shots: the last part of this article highlights the seriousness and unusual nature of this move. These are two short but powerful 3-minute clips of scientific and factual evidence to the FDA hearing presented by Steve Kirsch and Dr Jessica Rose that are essential viewing. As a result of this and other evidence, the FDA voted against boosters for the under 65s by 16 to 2, but such is the relentless push to vaccinate even against best advice that the Biden administration also planned to go ahead with boosters regardless. Where is this enormous push to vaccinate at all costs coming from? And why?

Many eminent highly knowledgeable and respected doctors and scientists, most of whom are proponents of vaccines (and indeed initially recommended the Covid injections), two of whom are well known vaccine developers, and two Nobel Prize winners have been calling for the Covid shots to be halted immediately on safety grounds. These views are not being aired via UK mainstream media (MSM) or major platforms such as Facebook and YouTube and are, instead, actively suppressed. Over 5,200 doctors and scientists have recently signed a declaration stating that Covid policies may constitute ‘Crimes Against Humanity’. It has been reported in the German press that 23,000 German doctors will no longer administer any further Covid injections. This video of an impeccably credentialed highly regarded world authority, Dr Peter McCullough, explains and discusses 6 issues that are of fundamental importance to understand before reading further. The main points in brief are that the idea of transmission of virus by people who are asymptomatic is not credible and has been disproved - therefore, all testing of people without symptoms should stop immediately; natural immunity is robust and long lasting; masks do not work and are harmful; there are highly effective treatments for Covid which are not being widely used, and the injections are not safe and should not be used. In addition, Dr Christina Parks’ short 8-minute testimony in Michigan Senate addresses transmission, the danger of vaccinating when the virus is still mutating and clarifies that the most vaccine hesitant group of people is in fact the most highly educated with PhDs. It is not the most ignorant and stupid as portrayed by the press and the Government. And, what’s more, these PhDs are the least likely to change their minds. What do they know that the average member of the general public does not? 

As the European Parliament resumed on Monday 13 September 2021, their first order of business was a debate over health and disease prevention. A letter of Notice of Liability for harm and death from COVID-19 vaccines was served on all members of the European Parliament and sent to the Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency by a large international group of hundreds of doctors. The notice is accompanied by a summary of the latest scientific evidence regarding vaccine-immune interactions, and a letter from Holocaust survivors demanding a halt to the vaccination programme and an end to unlawful medical coercion. The notice included this: The rush to vaccinate first and research later has left you in a position whereby COVID-19 vaccination policy is now entirely divorced from the relevant evidence-base.’ The notice alleges gross negligence in the authorisation process, support of crimes against humanity and for actively or tacitly paving the way to the second holocaust of mankind. It ends with ‘The gravity of your deeds is now laid out before the world. For the sake of yourselves and your families, rise and respond. Or go down in the history books in indelible shame and disgrace’.

These are, of course, very strong allegations. And strong allegations require compelling evidence. I believe that once the contents of this entire document and the referenced material are considered together, these allegations will seem to most people to be entirely justified. 

The letter from Holocaust survivors states: ‘In just 4 months, the Covid-19 vaccines have killed more people than all available vaccines combined from mid-1997 until the end of 2013 – a period of 15.5 years. And people affected worst are between 18 and 64 years old – the group which was not in the Covid statistics.’

A group of lawyers worldwide has recently submitted a Request for Investigation to the International Criminal Court (ICC) supported by substantial evidence that Governments world-wide and their advisors are complicit in genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code. That evidence includes sworn testimonies from Dr Richard Fleming and Nobel Prize winner Professor Luc Montagnier and is supported by Holocaust survivors. 

The Berlin based Corona Investigative Committee and its team of lawyers headed by Reiner Fuellmich, an international lawyer, have been listening to 100s of hours of recorded evidence from over 150 expert witnesses from many relevant areas to discover what is really going on and why there has been such an inexorable push to vaccinate despite the clearly evident and mounting massive harms. And why those harms are being hidden from the public. The expert witnesses include some of the world’s most highly credentialed doctors, immunologists, specialists in biowarfare, psychologists, epidemiologists, molecular biologists, vaccine developers, economists, banking experts, whistle-blowers from the medical profession and care homes, ex-WHO international health experts, political commentators, many investigative journalists, an ex-Pfizer Vice President, other ex-pharma senior executives and advisors etc. Some of these interviews are publicly available but not on YouTube which censors them. Evidence of the alignment of interests of many global corporations, NGOs and other groups and individuals with vested interests and their undue powerful influence over the world’s media, medical bodies, research establishments and governments which has been consolidated over the last few decades, has now been well documented. Dr Fuellmich summarised findings to date some weeks ago here. 

It would be blinkered in the extreme to dismiss any of this evidence and these experts, let alone all of it, as being motivated by anti-vax sentiments or the fabrications of conspiracy theorists. Instead, we should be looking very carefully indeed at what all these experts, the scientific and factual evidence and the data are telling us.

2. Propaganda from almost the very beginning and the misuse of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test  

In early 2020 we were told by the government’s scientific advisors that the virus was only harmful to a very small minority of people (e.g., in this clip of Chris Whitty) and that masks were ineffective. This was all perfectly true. However, this stance suddenly changed and from mid-2020, although the science did not change at all, masks were introduced. From then on we started being given information by our TVs and newspapers that did not make sense to some of us and was inconsistent with the views/modelling/analyses coming from very eminent scientists, including Nobel Prize winning Professor Michael Levitt - who was incidentally censored on MSM (mainstream media) very early on. Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University, was another highly qualified scientist who was censored for questioning the effectiveness of masks. The immunology being explained to us by MSM was also plainly misleading, but I was puzzled that no professor of immunology stepped forward to correct the errors. Antibody levels were presented to the public as being very important but in reality this is highly simplistic and misleading as antibodies are never the main mode of defence against a virus (although they are more so against bacteria). All these rang alarm bells that something was not quite right. I wrote to a professor of immunology at Imperial College (with whom I had previously been corresponding about a different matter), but on this particular issue received no answer despite a follow up prompt. I also noted that the British Society for Immunology’s (BSI’s) public statements supported ideas such as asymptomatic transmission and questioned the effectiveness of natural immunity, but scientific papers and indeed new research presented by them in webinars did not support these ideas. Although puzzling, this is perhaps not surprising as the major source for funding of immunology related research comes from pharmaceutical companies or organisations linked directly/indirectly to them. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is also in this category and has deep conflicts of interest

MSM, regulatory bodies and scientific/professional establishments all seem to have been captured. They all seemed to fully support vaccines as the one and only solution and this message of “we have to wait for a vaccine” was repeated ad nauseam everywhere. All preventative measures and treatments were ignored, dismissed or downplayed. It was evident by the end of August 2020 that the UK was well on its way to reaching herd immunity which meant a vaccine would no longer be needed. (For those of you thinking this is nonsense given that we have experienced waves of infection since, please bear with me as this will be dealt with later on). The concept of herd immunity does not necessarily mean total disappearance of a virus, but that deaths and serious illness become extremely rare as most people develop effective levels of immunity to it. But it was clear from the start that vaccines were the only goal to the complete exclusion of any other competing considerations.

Professor John Ioannidis of Stanford University, one of the most respected and cited scientists of all time, published statistics which clearly showed that the infection fatality rate for Covid was on par with a bad flu – no worse. His latest revised estimates can be found here and a good discussion on them, here. In fact, for under 50s and children, Covid was not at all a disease to fear, and influenza posed a far greater danger. The average age of those dying from Covid was 82+, higher than the usual average age for deaths in the UK which, interpreted another way, merely meant people were dying of Covid instead of whatever they would otherwise have died of at a similar time. Importantly, they were not dying any earlier. None of this was reported on or clarified by MSM which seemed intent only on exaggerating the dangers to all age groups and escalating fear. 

The PCR test, using far too many cycles to be meaningful, was and is inappropriately used to diagnose ‘cases’ without symptoms. This is irrational but serves to generate lots of ‘cases’ and thus, fear. A case in medicine has always previously been someone who displays symptoms and is actually ill. The WHO belatedly noted in January 2021 that PCR should not be used to diagnose illness in asymptomatic individuals, but governments and health authorities have continued to ignore this guidance. In November 2020, 22 eminent scientists put their names to a demand that the original highly flawed Corman-Drosten paper, upon which the use of PCR to detect SARS-CoV-2 was based, be immediately retracted. But this demand was ignored. It is telling that the flawed paper had managed to magically pass the peer review process in one day, a process that normally takes several weeks. More signatories have since been added to the retraction request but to no avail. 

Even if the person that tests positive with a PCR test is actually sick, it is quite possible that the illness is being caused by a different virus; this highly sensitive test looks for the tiniest amount of viral RNA to amplify and so can very often find it if the number of rounds of amplification or Ct is greater than around 20 – 30 (at over 50 Ct it can find virtually anything virtually anywhere according to its inventor, Kary Mullis, who passed away in August 2019, not long before the start of the pandemic). As an illustration, if you start with just one copy of a fragment, as it doubles every cycle, it will only take 20 cycles to generate over a million copies. Everyone carries tiny viral fragments of many pathogens in their nasal passages without being infected or infectious. At the same time, enormous amounts of influenza or other viral RNA that might be the actual cause of illness won’t be found if it is not actually looked for. Any illness, whatever the true cause, can therefore become misclassified as a Covid ‘case’ if the only test used is one that looks for SARS-CoV-2 RNA fragments. 

PCR primers used were also proved by blind testing to be non-specific, capable of generating positive results with influenza, other coronaviruses (OC43, E229) and even with no virus. Positive results were often called on a single primer whereas at least 3 should be matched to detect SARS-CoV-2 specifically (rather than another coronavirus or even any RNA virus) according to experts and WHO guidelines. Using this rather ingenious or dubious (depending on how you look at it) Covid ‘case’ creation and re-classification tool, the number of  ‘cases’, ‘hospitalisations’ and even deaths purportedly caused by Covid was maximised to the hilt. Only a fraction of these would have been truly attributable to Covid. Three courts of law (in Portugal, Austria and Germany) have determined that the PCR test on its own cannot reliably detect a Covid infection, but governments around the world have continued to ignore this. When deaths and hospitalisations in September were running below the 5-year average and were no longer ‘scary’, reporting to the public was switched from emphasising deaths to highlighting PCR generated ‘cases’ which were then increasing at an alarming rate. However, these cases were not meaningful as they could be inflated at will by an increase in testing and/or using high Ct well above 30 and/or calling positives on single and double primers. In the UK, PCR test cycles were typically run up to 40-45, as confirmed by a number of responses to Freedom of Information requests and many positive cases called on just single primers. 

By way of illustration, it is well known that viral fragments persist in the nasal passage for months following infection, so testing a hypothetical 100% Covid recovered fully immune population can theoretically result in 100% of these people testing positive for months. None of these people would be infected or infectious. In September/October 2020, many people had already recovered from Covid with mild symptoms without even knowing they had had it and so would have been in this category and included in the 'case' numbers. 

It is interesting that a pandemic of almost anything can be created at will using similar methodology and the PCR test. In the past there have been pseudo epidemics caused by similar inappropriate use of the PCR test for whooping cough, staphylococcus aureus and even SARS-CoV-1. All these were subsequently found to be false alarms. 

Given all the above why is this PCR test, the worldwide use of which is based on a highly irregular and disputed process and held to be unreliable in 3 courts of law, still continuing to be misused?

It soon became clear that the only scientists and experts allowed to air their views on TV/media platforms were those that followed the official narrative. Many of these so-called experts were/are not well qualified in the fields on which they gave their views and/or they have conflicts of interest. Scientists/doctors of high standing who dare speak publicly against the one permitted narrative were/are not only brutally censored but also threatened, intimidated, harassed, ridiculed and smeared. At least two are even being sued on spurious grounds, two (one in France and another in Switzerland) were arrested and confined in mental institutions (from which they have been released following, at least in one case, a legal challenge) and a UK doctor was hauled before the GMC and his mental state questioned (information further below). If this kind of thing happened in China the press would be up in arms, but on these cases they have remained deafeningly silent. There are many further examples of intimidation of doctors and probably more again of which we are not even aware. The public and most MPs have been utterly convinced of the official story by the unrelenting fearmongering and repeat messaging which has resulted in mass formation (a form of mass collective psychosis and hypnosis, very similar to what happened in the 1930s under the Nazi regime). This aspect is covered very well by Professor Desmet here or here and from a different perspective, in Laura Dodsworth’s book ‘A State of Fear’ which was given to every MP. It makes for some very interesting reading. 

Many people do not know, or have forgotten, that during the Nazi regime it was the doctors and nurses that enabled the entire operation to get as far as it did. Many of these doctors and nurses believed they were good people and became utterly convinced that what they were doing was in the interests of humanity. It is also important to understand that Hitler did not suddenly get up one day and decree that all Jews should be exterminated. This was a very gradual process with ideas introduced piecemeal, each gaining acceptance by the majority before introducing the next e.g., that the disabled were better off dead and that the kindest thing to do was to euthanise them, that the Jews carried germs and needed to be segregated for the good of society etc. Today there are many people that have been led to believe by the government that the unvaccinated pose a threat to the vaccinated – even though all the risk goes exactly in the opposite direction. The vaccinated pose a threat to the unvaccinated in three different ways, as explained in detail later. One has to wonder what the motives of government are in striving to create this stigmatisation and division and also where this will all end.  

Regular massive monthly protests around the world, in London and other major UK cities mainly against vaccine passports, lockdowns and restrictions, and also in small part against vaccination, comprising ordinary people from all walks of life including doctors, nurses, lawyers, the elderly, entire families and numbering 100s of 1000s of people (eye witnessed by some of us) go unreported and totally ignored by MSM. Alternatively, they are reported in a highly deceptive way. For instance, as ‘100s of anti-vaxxers’ or in other dismissive derogatory terms. Most of the UK public today have no idea whatsoever of the sheer scale and number of massive protests still going on all around the world let alone that these ordinary people are protesting against the undemocratic and illegal introduction of highly draconian, oppressive and disproportionate measures introduced by many governments of previously free and democratic advanced nations like Canada, Australia, Israel, Italy and France. In many cases, these measures are being brutally enforced with the help of the military and the police. 

Cynically misnamed Fact Checkers and the Trusted News Initiative, of which the BBC and Reuters (from which most other media gets much of its information) are a part, relies for its information only on stated sources ultimately funded by tech/pharma/interested parties, suppressing any dissenting voices. You will find more surprising information on the Trusted News Initiative here. Both of these are an important part of this propaganda matrix, discrediting doctors and scientists of good repute as well as authentic scientific information that may threaten the vaccine programme. Would you wish to rely on information provided by so-called Fact Checkers once you realise they are ultimately controlled by the very same people who stand to gain from the pandemic, and who have no specialist knowledge or qualifications to enable them to sit in judgement on people who are eminently more qualified in their fields? So called Fact Checkers are themselves very much part of the disinformation campaign. A whole army of writers and favoured journalists, including science journalists and even doctors, have also been employed to discredit articles and their authors when the concepts and ideas written about threaten the official narrative by becoming too popular or prevalent. Pharmaceutical companies have virtually unlimited funds. You can usually spot these types of internet articles either by their highly deprecating style or the way in which they make personal attacks on the perpetrators of so called 'misinformation'. 

These writers often go into lots of very credible sounding but misleading and cherry-picked scientific and technical detail which can fool even reasonably well-researched scientists/doctors. It is virtually impossible for all but the most determined or knowledgeable to discover the truth. Often, these people make accusations of gaslighting and repeat messaging that far more accurately describe their own techniques. I both know and know of journalists who want to write about the truth and used to write for mainstream newspapers who no longer have their articles accepted and struggle to find paid work. In addition, anyone searching for information on topics, even for scientific research, will come to these specially written articles and other highly biased and inaccurate articles first while algorithms bury truthful science-based information so deep that I now often have trouble finding papers, articles or videos I know exist - even when I put the exact wording of the title into the search engine. This issue has worsened considerably since spring 2020. The other phenomenon I noticed early on when researching vitamin D for Covid was that no sooner had a favourable article or study got into the press (which must have been difficult to achieve as I had tried very hard with no success), then a highly negative article followed, usually within a few days. If only a small fraction of the enormous amounts of effort and money spent on disinformation was directed at real health promotion, we would be in a very different place today. 

3. Previous pandemics

The Swine flu 'pandemics': In 2009 we had a similar pandemic scare, the Swine Flu ‘pandemic’. Just a few months before this, the World Health Organisation, WHO had quietly changed the definition of a pandemic, removing the need for severity of disease and high mortality and leaving a greatly downgraded definition. The only requirement for a pandemic to be declared was for there to be a worldwide epidemic - there was no longer a requirement for severe illness or deaths. Cases were ramped up by the PCR test and a swine flu vaccine was developed quickly. Hardly anyone died of swine flu which turned out to be no more deadly than any other flu, but thousands of people developed narcolepsy caused by the swine flu vaccines, including Pandemrix, and at least 1,300 died, mainly in the Scandinavian countries. The dangers of those vaccines were fortunately exposed, and the vaccination programme was stopped. This only happened because Dr Wodarg in Germany realised how the PCR test was being misused to create the appearance of a pandemic and used his influence in the German Bundestag. Interestingly, there had also been a previous swine flu debacle in 1976 when over 500 people in the US became injured and crippled from Guillain-Barre syndrome and at least 25 people died from the swine flu vaccine. The actual flu never materialised and there was only a single reported death. The vaccine programme was halted after 10 weeks. In those times, MSM including the BBC broke the story so that the public got to know. However, over the last decade the same bad players with others now joining in have ensured they now have an iron grip over all media and information accessed by the public. They also clearly have a strong influence over government policy. Despite hundreds of thousands of deaths being caused worldwide by the current injections, media now remains eerily silent except for the occasional handful of stories of individuals. It is not only silent but actively takes part in disinformation to maintain the ‘safe and effective’ narrative against mountains of evidence indicating otherwise. The vast majority of the public is still totally unaware of the hundreds of thousands of vaccine related deaths worldwide and well over a million reported vaccine injuries reported via the Yellow Card system in the UK alone. They are still under the highly misleading impression that the injections are ‘safe and effective’. Possibly the biggest deception perpetrated against humanity in its entire history.

The Spanish Flu pandemic: Most people have heard of this pandemic but there are a few interesting pieces of information which have escaped the notice of MSM. The first involves masks and bacterial pneumonia. In 2008, a study was published which was co-authored by Dr Fauci, the head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in the US. The researchers investigated thousands of slides and case notes from the Spanish Flu epidemic and concluded that in virtually every case, the cause was bacterial pneumonia. They specifically stated that they could not find evidence of a viral cause. The research also found that the bacterial infection had an oral source and was not consistent with secondary infection following a viral illness. While the study does not mention masks, we know that there was extensive mask wearing during the time of that epidemic and that soon afterwards, that practice stopped.  Dr Colleen Huber had undertaken research on this and reported that other studies including her own show that mask wearing significantly increases the risk of bacterial pneumonia. How many of the deaths attributed to Spanish Flu could have actually been caused by mask wearing? This is interesting in the light of the mask mandates and coercion to wear masks coming directly from Dr Fauci himself. Dr Huber’s tweet just quoting the 2008 paper was censored for apparently being “misinformation”. For more information on this and why masks can also cause pulmonary fibrosis, please view this health saving banned video. The page has links to the 2008 paper and Dr Huber’s own research.

However, there is also another possible source of the bacteria. New experimental vaccines containing bacteria and grown on horses were injected into millions of soldiers at Fort Riley in Kansas starting in March 1918 and this is coincidentally where the first outbreak of the Spanish Flu occurred. It is quite possible that soldiers going to various parts of Europe who began incubating the bacteria then succumbed to illness and became highly infectious, spreading it everywhere. It was called Spanish Flu only because Spain was first to break the news once it had spread as it remained a neutral country in the war and did not have its news censored. 

Whatever the source of the bacteria, it does seem clear that a virus was not responsible for at least a substantial proportion and perhaps even the vast majority of deaths in the Spanish Flu epidemic. Dr Fauci would clearly have known this. But it might have been convenient to tell the public this was caused by a virus if the intention is to reinforce the impression that viral epidemics are to be greatly feared and that vaccinations are safe.

Lessons learnt from all of the above by the pharmaceutical Industry: 

- For childhood vaccines,  this was achieved in 1986 when the US Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

- For the novel gene therapy products which have no long-term safety data: blanket immunity from liability has been all obtained as part of their contracts with Governments regardless of how many people might be killed and injured by the products. Not only the pharmaceutical but everyone in the supply chain has also been granted protection from liability for all Covid vaccines. I assume this includes hospitals, doctors and nurses administering the Covid vaccines. 

4. Antibodies are not the most important immune response to a virus 

The public has been prepped by constant repetition to believe that antibodies are the most important defence against SARS-CoV-2 and that it is a good thing to have lots of antibodies. Both of these perceptions are misleading. I will need to delve into some basic immunology as this is vital to an understanding of the issues and the concerns around vaccine safety discussed further on. The immune system is enormously complicated, with many dozens of diverse types of immune cells (natural killer or NK cells, dendritic cells, macrophages, T lymphocytes or T-cells of a number of different types, leukocytes, neutrophils etc), chemical alarms and chemical messaging systems (interferons, cytokines, chemokines, interleukins etc) interacting with each other in a highly complex and finely tuned effective web. What follows is a simplified account. It is essential to understand that while antibodies are important, they are NOT the main means by which we overcome a virus, let alone a respiratory virus. To deal effectively with a respiratory virus, the first line of defence is mucosal immunity residing in the lining of the airways and lungs which are the entry point for such a virus. This is never stimulated by any current vaccine as these are directly injected into the muscles and bypass the airways. Vaccines against respiratory viruses cannot therefore achieve sterilising immunity which is needed to prevent transmission. The ‘Holy Grail’ of vaccine developers has long been the development of a vaccine that can engage mucosal immunity. I cannot imagine that constant scraping and jabbing at this highly protective layer by PCR/Lateral Flow Test swabs which contain disinfecting chemicals can do anything other than damage this delicate layer of protection, potentially allowing access to pathogens.

The innate immune system and cellular immunity, including importantly, NK cells and killer T-cells, are required for complete elimination of any virus. Once a virus enters a cell and begins replicating they are out of reach of antibodies. Antibodies cannot enter cells. NK and T-cell activity is essential to detect and destroy cells that have been turned into mini viral factories. There is more detail in my letter in the British Medical Journal which highlights the importance of T-cells in clearing a Covid infection and the limitation of vaccines. It cites references to what was then cutting-edge worldwide research. T-cells really are the superstars in fighting COVID-19 - but why are some of us so poor at making them? 21 September 2020. It is therefore highly concerning that T-cell suppression has been found following Covid injections – see sections 14 and 16.

5. The potentially lethal ADE open secret of which every vaccinologist was aware

It is also important to be aware of a particular problem encountered with every single previous coronavirus vaccine ever developed over the past 20 years. Not one got past the animal trials. Never before has any coronavirus vaccine been injected into humans. This was because the vaccine elicited the wrong type of antibodies, ill-fitting antibodies or non-neutralising antibodies (NABs), which actually helped the virus enter and infect cells. Instead of being protected and despite having promisingly elevated levels of antibodies, the vaccinated animals in the trials became violently ill or died when the virus they were supposed to be protected against was introduced. This phenomenon is commonly termed antibody dependent enhancement or ADE (sometimes referred to as pathogenic priming or paradoxical immune enhancement although these can mean slightly different things). This was also a problem previously encountered with RSV and Dengue vaccines. Vaccine developers and proponents were well aware of this issue with coronaviruses and concerns were discussed on various vaccine/drug development forums from early 2020. 

There have been UK newspaper reports from December of people taking the injections who suffered multiple organ failure soon afterwards. This looks very much like ADE but in those cases the deaths were blamed on Covid infections that these individuals ‘must have been harbouring’ at the time of the injection. It is quite possible that many deaths of double vaccinated people that have occurred since December of ‘Covid’ have been the result of ADE (although some are probably caused by immune suppression - see later on) and that these people may not have died had they not been vaccinated. Reports from the US indicate that high antibody levels have been found in many people who died, and this is consistent with ADE being the cause. This is especially tragic as the vast majority of us were already protected by pre-existing immunity and did not need vaccines. 

What is of great concern is that as the virus continues to mutate and moves further and further away from the Wuhan virus spike protein that the injections train the body to make, the incidence of ADE could well increase. 

6. The indisputable superiority of natural immunity

From the beginning there was an attempt to deny previous scientific findings and downplay the durability and effectiveness of natural immunity. From research on SARS over the previous 18 years we knew that immunity following infection with this type of virus is very long lasting and robust. While vaccine induced immunity is very narrowly focused on eliciting mainly antibodies and a limited T-cell response to a very small part of the virus, namely the original Wuhan spike protein, natural immunity elicits a wide variety of T-cell and antibody responses to the entire virus including the envelope, the nucleocapsid protein and other components. Natural immunity also involves the entire arsenal of the immune response including the mucosal, innate, and cellular immune responses in a highly coordinated balanced manner which is highly effective whilst minimising collateral damage - much like a well-coordinated disciplined attack by Army, Navy, Special Forces, Intelligence and Air Force, with excellent communication between them all. Vaccine induced immunity is more like the Air Force on its own with limited help from some of the other sections, a partially broken communication system with more scope for collateral damage (e.g., autoimmunity). 

If the spike protein mutates (this is the most likely part to mutate because of vaccine pressure as discussed in section 19), naturally acquired immune memory will have no difficulty recognising the rest of the virus. Vaccine induced immunity only directed at the spike protein will inevitably be far less successful. Natural immunity is far superior in every way to vaccine induced immunity (which has turned out to be very limited indeed). There are now more than 70 studies showing that natural immunity is long lasting, robust and variant proof

The government advisors also continue to ignore, downplay or deny the existence of pre-existing cross immunity derived from past encounters with other coronaviruses - despite the existence of many excellent studies from around the world. Why would they do that?

In addition, many early household transmission studies found that transmission within household members was as low as 17% and the case of the Diamond Princess cruise ship showed that only 20% of people became infected despite being confined together for 19 days following identification of the first case. This demonstrated that the vast majority of people had some degree of immunity to this virus already prior to 2020 and that most were not susceptible to serious illness. Given that was the case well over a year ago when the virus had not yet had a chance to circulate, it is logical to assume that had no vaccine ever been developed, that percentage of vulnerable people would have fallen from around 20% to negligible levels by now. 

Like the Amish community, there would effectively be herd immunity in the UK today without a vaccine. The elephant in the room is the reason we have not gained the benefit of this herd immunity. It is discussed later on but it is clear that healthy immune systems are not good for the vaccine manufacturers’ business model. If immune systems are damaged however, so that vaccinated people become more susceptible to becoming ill, opportunities for continual vaccination are vastly improved. 

7. Modelling used to exaggerate vaccine effectiveness/lives saved and forecast Covid deaths and systematic distortion/misrepresentation of data

Despite the existence of natural and pre-existing immunity, and despite their own previous advice to the contrary, government advisors repeatedly and misleadingly started implying to the public that everyone was equally susceptible. This was simply untrue. There is only a tiny subset of people that are truly vulnerable, including those with 4 or more comorbidities and the elderly who have suppressed T-cell immunity, but even the over 70s who are healthy have a relatively minimal risk. The modelling used questionable assumptions regarding susceptibility even after a substantial proportion of the population had been infected and often assumes everyone can get Covid again. This only served to inflate modelled numbers of projected deaths to absurd levels and ramp up fear levels. Similarly, the claims that the injections have saved 10s of thousands of lives are based purely on modelling, with actual vaccine related deaths reported to the Yellow Card, VAERS and EMA systems ignored. No account was taken of seasonality which had naturally brought infections down in spring/summer of every prior year, nor the increase with time of herd immunity. Instead, the naturally reducing levels of hospitalisation and deaths which happen every year were taken this year as ‘proof’ of the vaccine’s effectiveness. The lives saved were based on comparison with a worst-case scenario. Natural and pre-existing immunity was denied. This article is helpful for those who wish to delve further. 

Similar modelling was used to warn that Sweden would see 80,000 dead if it did not lock down. In the event 6,000 died but even of those, many were ‘with Covid’ so not caused by Covid. When the modelled half a million deaths did not materialise in the UK, the public was told this was because of the success of the lockdown, despite the fact that the lockdown could not have made any difference as the peak hospitalisations had already passed and were on their way down before the lockdown was announced. No such argument can be made for Sweden which had no lockdown.

In addition to this, other official measures claiming a high degree of vaccine effectiveness, by design or not, contain the worst of logical flaws. The computations exclude the 14-day post first vaccination period on the basis that the vaccine does not become effective until after that period has expired. However, as this is the very period during which most deaths following vaccination have occurred (shown later), excluding it gives a grossly misleading impression. Most of these deaths were attributed to Covid because the vaccinees tested positive (thus exaggerating the Covid death count while at the same time understating injection caused deaths), but the weight of evidence shows they are far more likely to be caused by the injections through suppressed immunity or ADE. There is a bunching effect of deaths closely following the introduction of vaccine programmes in the vast majority of countries (see sections 22 to 24). This happens in far too many countries to be a coincidence. Two very good perspectives on this issue recommended for a deeper understanding are the testimony of Dr Herman Edeling, a neurosurgeon and medico-legal expert and a letter to the BMJ  from Clare Craig, pathologist.

Why are deaths within 30 days of an injection not reported in the same way as deaths with a positive PCR? In England, the number of deaths within 21 days of an injection was recently inadvertently revealed by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) to be 30,305 in the first 6 months of 2021. The number of deaths within 28 days is unavailable but assuming 80% occur in the first 2 weeks and extrapolating from that would result in around 36,000 deaths within 28 days of an injection. Of course, without further information and context, e.g., exact cause of death, age, the usual expectation of death in each age category in each period etc, one should not jump to conclusions and assume all these deaths are caused by vaccination. However, this is precisely what has been done when it comes to classifying any death within 28/60 days of a positive PCR test as a Covid death. Both are meaningless without the additional information, but not equally meaningless. At least the former has the merit that it has a biological basis; every injection carries a theoretical risk, as does every drug. In stark contrast, a PCR positive does not bear any relationship to the likelihood of death, especially in an asymptomatic person. Despite this, it is assumed that none of these 36,000 deaths are caused by the injections while we are told to believe that every death within 30 or even 60 days of a positive PCR is a death caused by Covid.

A pandemic of the unvaccinated? The distortion and misrepresentation of data to show the exact opposite of the true situation is relentless. Just one recent example of these continuing tactics is discussed in this article entitled ‘Why is the ONS Claiming Just 1% of Covid Deaths Are in the Vaccinated When the PHE Data Shows the True Figure for August was 70%?’. Interestingly, that percentage has now jumped to 83% for Scotland. Here is another example of such tactics when a paper purporting to show that the unvaccinated are being hospitalised at a greater rate turned out to show the opposite when the data was critically analysed. And yet another from which the following has been extracted:

August 5, Dr Kobi Haviv, director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, appeared on Channel 13 News, reporting that 95% of severely ill COVID-19 patients are fully vaccinated, and that they make up 85% to 90% of COVID-related hospitalizations overall.17 As of August 2, 2021, 66.9% of Israelis had received at least one dose of Pfizer’s injection, which is used exclusively in Israel; 62.2% had received two doses.18

 In Scotland, official data on hospitalizations and deaths show 87% of those who have died from COVID-19 in the third wave that began in early July were vaccinated.19

 A CDC investigation of an outbreak in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, between July 6 through July 25, 2021, found 74% of those who received a diagnosis of COVID19, and 80% of hospitalizations, were among the fully vaccinated.20,21 Most, but not all, had the Delta variant of the virus.”

Instead of a pandemic of the unvaccinated, the evidence is increasingly showing that it is the very opposite - it is the vaccinated that are becoming seriously ill and dying from Covid as well as from many other conditions. But why should this be? Please read on to find out as well as to discover how you can best protect yourself if you have already been vaccinated.

8. Maximisation of Covid deaths 

Classifying deaths within 60/28 days of a positive Covid test as a Covid death, regardless of actual cause, ensured that Covid death numbers were inflated. No post-mortems were allowed to determine the true cause. Flu apparently disappeared but was replaced by Covid cases and deaths. The PCR test can be positive for a number of other viruses (as noted earlier). In addition, discharging infected patients to care homes where it is alleged by whistle-blowers that at least some were ‘treated’ inappropriately with Midazolam, which suppresses the respiratory system, and where others did not receive appropriate treatment or care and were isolated from loved ones, only served to ensure a high ‘Covid’ death rate. In the US, doctors were ordered by Dr Fauci to use the patented and expensive Remdesivir - nothing else was reportedly permitted. Remdesivir was shown by previous trials that Dr Fauci should have been aware of (as he was involved in one) to cause kidney toxicity and death. In the US, many doctors noted kidney failure as a cause of death of Covid patients and attributed it to an unusual effect of Covid. A very high proportion of deaths would not have occurred had effective treatments not been suppressed (dealt with further on) and had inappropriate treatment such as these and ventilating at an inappropriate setting not been policy. 

Most other countries like the Asian countries, African countries, Germany, France, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden did not have excess deaths in 2020, especially when soft and hard flu seasons are normalised. For instance in 2019, while all of Sweden’s neighbouring Scandinavian countries and many other countries like Germany had very normal flu seasons in the winter of 2019, Sweden and the UK both saw unusually low numbers of deaths from the flu, thereby leaving an excess of weakened older people to survive into 2020. Once this factor, care home deaths specifically caused by the action taken, deaths caused by lockdown and deaths due to the injections (see later) are excluded, there is no evidence of excess deaths in the UK either. This has been confirmed by the personal testimonies of an experienced undertaker with a sizeable business who reported that he saw no excess deaths, apart from the care home deaths and that autumn/winter of 2020 was unusually quiet. That was the case until the rollout of the vaccine programme when deaths noticeably and immediately jumped, making him incredibly busy virtually overnight. He reports that he has never seen anything like it before and that other undertakers he knows had similar experiences. Perhaps you could ask your local undertakers about their own experience. 

The US CDC admitted that only 6% of reported Covid deaths were actually caused directly by Covid.

9. The myth of asymptomatic transmission by healthy individuals and the surprising exceptions

We were told and are still being told that perfectly well people with no symptoms can spread disease, despite no other virus managing this feat prior to 2020. This biologically implausible concept was introduced in 2020. Not only Dr McCullough and Dr Parks (videos near the beginning above), but 1000s of other eminent doctors and immunologists all agree. Without this massive deception, there would be zero justification for lockdowns, masking, vaccine passports or indeed any restrictions. Here is a selection of opinions from some very well qualified and highly credentialed experts on the subject, and the written opinion of a well-known UK pathologist, Dr John Lee, as well as the largest study on this subject, of almost 10 million people in Wuhan, which managed to find precisely zero cases of asymptomatic transmission. 

It should be appreciated that it’s not the virus itself but the immune system’s reactions to a virus that causes the symptoms. Apart from the very start of an infection when the viral load is far too low to be a meaningful means of transmission, healthy people with reactive immune systems are not in the main able to produce and therefore transmit virus when there are no symptoms. However, there are two categories of people that are very good silent transmitters. The first is the immunocompromised. Pathogens can multiply within these people with little initial outward sign as their immune systems are suppressed. The other category are those people with non-sterilising limited immunity, for example an immune response that does not elicit a strong and varied T-cell response and is therefore incapable of complete elimination of a virus. Unfortunately, this is the very form of immunity that is conferred by the Covid injections because of their narrow focus on the spike protein and emphasis on antibodies rather than the entire highly coordinated and balanced arsenal of mucosal, innate and cellular immunity. In the industry, such vaccines are termed ‘leaky vaccines’. 

While vaccinees might be protected somewhat from serious illness after the first 14 days, evidence indicates that their immunity is suppressed in at least the 14 days immediately following vaccination (section 23). In this period, they can become excellent transmitters. Even if they contract Covid after this period, because of this narrow immunity which is concentrated only on the spike protein and the back end defences (antibodies) rather than the front-line defence (mucosal and innate  immunity) and possible continuation of suppression of T-cells and/or general immunity (as shown in sections 14 and 16), the virus may be allowed to replicate for an extended period during the pre-symptomatic phase. 

The latter is strongly implied by PHE’s and its new replacement, the UK Health Security Agency’s own weekly vaccine Surveillance Reports which record a consistent weekly decline in efficacy in the double vaccinated compared with the unvaccinated. Logically, this cannot be caused by just the loss of vaccine conferred immunity as widely portrayed in the press because efficacy does not stop at zero but actually becomes negative so that by week 40, the double vaccinated aged 40-79 are more than twice as likely to catch and therefore spread Covid than the unvaccinated. Vaccinees can therefore become super spreaders and transmit high viral loads to both other vaccinated people and to the unvaccinated.

The ironic and crucially important issue to appreciate is that therefore unvaccinated healthy people who would never normally be vulnerable may well also become ill because of the unusually high viral loads they are subjected to. Vaccinated people can therefore pose a potential danger to the unvaccinated.

This fits with what is readily observed by anyone looking at the data for cases and deaths following vaccination in many countries (sections 22-23) and it is also evident from just looking around them. We have observed that very many double vaccinated people around us are only now catching and spreading Covid like wildfire, far more so than in 2020. It is also precisely what happened with the DTaP vaccine, another non sterilising vaccine, which resulted in increased cases and deaths (which were then blamed unfairly on the unvaccinated). In this case the infectious agent is a bacterium, but similar principles apply. The health bodies should have learned these lessons and been very aware of the issues which would inevitably arise. 

People who have the injections may or may not be protecting themselves but what they ARE very probably also doing is transmitting very much higher than normal viral loads and putting others around them at greater risk. I am very sorry to say that they should not be under any illusion that they are protecting others. This must be very upsetting news for all the well-intentioned people who were led to believe otherwise by people who should really have known better. In order that mistakes do not compound and lead to escalating levels of sickness and damage to health in the coming months, everyone needs to understand these concepts.

10. Suppression of highly effective treatments

We were told that there was no treatment and that we needed to wait for a vaccine. In fact, there were powerful preventive measures that could be taken as well as treatments so effective that they would have rendered Covid virtually harmless, obviating the need for any vaccines. But all effective treatments such as vitamin D (in particular the calcifediol form), Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and N-acetyl Cysteine were aggressively censored and discredited. 100s of 1000s of people have very probably died unnecessarily. The many doctors who have continued to successfully treat 1000s of patients throughout the pandemic using these and a combination of many other highly effective treatments, despite being fired, threatened and intimidated (Dr Gold, Dr Kory, Dr Zelenko, Dr McCullough, Dr Fleming, Dr Raoult etc), all agree that Covid is one of the most treatable diseases. Deaths and hospitalisations were reduced to a tiny fraction of the normally expected numbers under their protocols. Many countries expressly forbade doctors and hospitals from using treatments that were not only proven to be highly effective but had many decades’ worth of studies proving safety. This is an appalling but typical example of the lengths to which health authorities have gone to deny life-saving treatment. 

Official trials of effective treatments were sabotaged by the use of toxically high doses and by giving the treatment too late. A fraudulent study discrediting hydroxychloroquine was accepted and published by the Lancet, but its data were shown to be fabricated. The flurry of outrage by scientists eventually resulted in withdrawal of the paper. However, the damage to the reputation of hydroxychloroquine was done and no health authority corrected their stance on its use. In the US, a number of cases were taken to court to force hospitals to allow treatment with Ivermectin. The treated patients recovered even though they were old with severe progression of the disease. Recently, a hospital would not comply with the court order and the patient died. In the UK, doctors are not permitted to use Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. 

A protocol treatment which includes Ivermectin permitted to be used ‘off label’ under regulations in Australia was publicised recently as being legally allowed. That advice was short lived, however. No sooner had that circulated, Australian doctors were banned from using Ivermectin for Covid. Ivermectin was used very successfully in India followed by a period early in the year when its use was discouraged by a WHO scientist, Dr Swaminathan. She is now the subject of legal action by the Indian Bar Association alleging disinformation and mass murder of Indian citizens. Ivermectin is again used in some parts of India, and some regions like Uttar Pradesh have virtually eliminated Covid by resuming its use. I had originally linked a recent highly informative update on Ivermectin on YouTube, but the censors have removed it so here are a few others (not on YouTube!):  

Dr Pierre Kory’s Senate testimony which initially brought the news to the world.

Dr Tess Lawrie describing her efforts to get Ivermectin approved for use in the UK. 

And, last but not least, a must watch video which should leave you in no doubt as to Ivermectin’s effectiveness. In fact, if you don’t watch anything else linked here or read any further, I would highly recommend you look at just this one. It could reduce your level of fear of the virus and possibly save your life or health, especially if your immunity has been suppressed. Supplies are available online from India or the USA but UK GPs do not have access to Ivermectin (unless they are some of the very few who have been resourceful).

100-200 members of US Congress (plus families and staff) have been treated successfully by Ivermectin which kept them all out of hospital, but they continue to deny it to the public. 

Now that Merck has a brand new expensive patented treatment for Covid (based on the mode of action of Ivermectin) ready for market, we can expect to see concerted fresh efforts to discredit Ivermectin e.g., it’s a horse de-wormer, unsafe in humans, etc. 

The reason for discrediting safe and effective drugs was not just because these medicines were out of patent and very cheap, meaning that there was no money to be made. It is also highly relevant that emergency use or temporary authorisation of the injections was granted subject to there being no alternative available treatment. Despite the fact checkers saying otherwise, it is very much the case that the injections are still used under temporary emergency use authorisation, and this was recently confirmed by the UK’s MHRA in response to a Freedom of Information request. As there are no medium/long term safety data and the phase 3 trials will not be completed until 2023, these vaccines must remain by any definition, experimental.  

11. Suppression of preventative measures

Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine also work as preventative treatments. Vitamin D deficiency has been found in dozens of peer reviewed research studies to be a key factor determining susceptibility to Covid, and supplementation, particularly with the active form calcifediol, was found to dramatically decrease deaths and hospitalisations, but this information has also been severely downplayed. Unlike other nutrients, vitamin D3 is actually a hormone which plays a central role in the immune system and in activating T-cells. It is also unique in that it comes mainly from sunlight rather than food – and what’s more, the UK population is one of the most deficient on the planet. David Davis MP has made valiant efforts to get this valuable knowledge out to the public as reported in the press. Following meetings with Matt Hancock, there was a failure to act for months before eventually doing as little as possible – by issuing very low dose 400 IU vitamin D to care homes but not changing the messaging to the public. The supply to care homes was of little benefit as the dose should have been at least 10x higher and it came far too late, after peak deaths in December 2020.

A very good, eagerly awaited large study on vitamin D showing significant and dramatic reductions in deaths and hospitalisations was forced to be retracted from a scientific journal. This level of meddling and blatant corruption in science and scientific journals has not been seen prior to 2020 although it has been depressingly evident in the last few decades as industry influence on scientific journal content has progressively increased. Two editors-in-chief of two of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, Dr Marcia Angell (the New England Medical Journal or NEMJ) and Dr Richard Horton (the Lancet) have lamented the levels of fraud and corruption in published research by the drug and vaccine industries.  

It is important to appreciate that no amount of vitamin D can be of benefit if you are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium deficiency is very common. It is very difficult to get enough even from an excellent diet, especially for athletes, runners, people under excessive stress and people consuming high levels of sugar/carbohydrates, as these all deplete magnesium. Supplementation with magnesium is generally advisable alongside a sufficiently high dose of vitamin D3.

Whilst I would not wish to tempt fate, and it is possible we may all have just been unusually lucky, it is notable that in those of our extended unvaccinated family of 12, including elderly parents, who started a regime of high dose vitamin D (+ magnesium) last spring, all bar two (who were very mildly ill) have been completely free of all sickness. My parents, cousin and brother commented that they virtually always come down with one or two colds/flu-like illnesses over the winter. Last winter was the exception. My parents had always insisted on doing their own food shopping and visited hospitals many times (the most likely place to catch Covid) for regular checks. I have also been inside hospitals on 3 occasions during that period and at the height of the pandemic I carried out food shopping unmasked for a number of local households who were sheltering. One of our family members even works in a hospital, so it is not as if any of us locked ourselves away from all potential sources of infection or were particularly cautious. Recently, we attended a funeral. That evening and the next few days, 3 generations of the family of the deceased and at least 10 other double vaccinated people there came down with Covid and one was hospitalised. We had hugged all the family members but remained well and did not develop any symptoms. Many months ago, I tested negative for Covid with both an antibody test and a T-cell test indicating I have not had Covid. I can only assume that our mucosal and innate immunity, bolstered by plenty of vitamin D, is doing an excellent job of keeping us protected. It might also be possible that pre-existing cross immunity was providing protection.

My review articles on vitamin D can be found here: Vitamin D: 2020, June 17. The Role of Vitamin D deficiency in COVID-19 related deaths in BAME, Obese and Other High-risk Categories and 2021, February 2. Vitamin D Reduces Covid-19 Mortality and Serious Illness: An Integrated Approach to Evidence.

The four other major suppressors of the immune system, as demonstrated by plenty of solid research, are lack of adequate sleep, poor nutrition, social isolation, and anxiety/stress. These are being considerably worsened by government policies and the media, perversely making people more susceptible to all illnesses. Of course, there are many other factors that also affect immunity, but these are arguably the most important. One might well wonder why governments and health bodies make no attempt to provide important life-saving and health enhancing information about preventative measures to the public but go to the most extreme, absurd and even health damaging lengths (e.g. offering a year’s supply of donuts, prized tickets to sporting events, lottery tickets for a $1million prize etc) to ensure that every single person is vaccinated.

12. Children

You have probably read by now, even in the press, that children under 15 have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than dying of Covid. The risks to children from Covid are miniscule and studies have shown that children to adult transmission is rare. Although this has been widely reported, children continue to be vaccinated with novel products which have no long-term safety data. 

Anyone with young children should ensure they see this information on the serious dangers of masking children: Lawyer Anna De Buisseret - from 36.3 minutes in, although the entire video is highly informative, and also, advice on the risks of the injections for children from a number of Irish doctors. Of course, the general discussion regarding safety is even more relevant to children as they will be forced to live with the effects of any chronic adverse condition for a far longer period. They also face a theoretically higher risk from all adverse events (detailed later on) as their bodies will be more efficient at producing the toxic spike protein. As their immune systems are still maturing, they will be more susceptible to immune system dysregulation (see later) setting them up for crippling autoimmune conditions, possibly for life. In addition, the dose is not adjusted for body weight. If those were not enough, they may also risk their future fertility, one harm that those over 50 need not worry too much about. 

As described in section 5.4 of my first June 2020 paper on vitamin D deficiency and Covid, the antibodies produced by children are not the specific adult type measurable in a typical Covid antibody test. Children have very strong innate immunity and a type of non-specific antibody that recognises a very wide variety of pathogens that they have never encountered before. It is widely accepted that the risk to children from the Covid vaccines exceeds any possible benefit but what is not widely appreciated is that vaccination can also be highly damaging to maturing immune systems by reprogramming immunity away from these broad spectrum widely protective antibodies towards a specific antibody response to the Wuhan spike protein. As the variants now circulating are different to the original Wuhan variant, these antibodies will not be very protective or effective and the children will now end up with a lower level of immunity than they had before, not only to Covid but also possibly to other coronaviruses and respiratory viruses. This will be disastrous, not only for the children themselves, but also for the entire population and the vulnerable because unvaccinated children with their strong innate immunity act as buffers against the spread of any variants, present and future. Any adults who are pushing for children to be vaccinated because they themselves fear catching Covid should understand that this will only erode this highly protective buffer, resulting in a spectacular act of self-harm as well as harm to vulnerable adults and harm to the children themselves.

13. Vaccines are based on novel gene-based technology

These are not vaccines as generally understood by the term. Legislation had to be changed in order to enable them to be classified as ‘vaccines’. These injections are a gene-based therapy using a technology that has never before been used in the human population as a vaccine. There is currently NO medium or long-term safety data to enable any view to be taken of their long-term safety or otherwise. Furthermore, the opportunity to carry out any such safety assessment has been closed off by vaccinating and therefore eliminating the control arms of the trials. This has destroyed the opportunity to acquire invaluable and essential information. It is highly irregular and raises the question as to whether this is a deliberate strategy to prevent medium/longer term harms from coming to light. All these ‘vaccines’ are permitted to be used only under emergency legislation which does not require the usual more stringent criteria to be met as to both safety and efficacy. It was recently reported in the press that the Pfizer vaccine achieved full marketing authorisation recently but that was in fact for a differently marketed product which is currently not actually on the market. It is still very much the case that all the Covid vaccines are permitted to be used only under emergency and temporary legislation. 

An alternative formalised control group needs to be established urgently in order that comparisons may be made between the health outcomes of vaccinees and the unvaccinated and this group ought to be given specific protection. There should be an opportunity for those who wish not to be vaccinated to volunteer for this group. This idea would perhaps not be at all welcome in certain quarters. But how else will we know for certain, several years hence, whether the injections had indeed been safe as advertised?

The way in which these ‘vaccines’ work to stimulate an immune response is by firstly smuggling the reverse engineered artificially generated genetic code (mRNA in the case of Pfizer/Moderna and DNA in the case of AZ/J&J) into our cells, using a lipid nanoparticle (Pfizer/Moderna) or adenovirus ( AZ/J&J) vector to hijack the cell’s protein making factories, the ribosomes, and instruct them to churn out trillions of copies of the coronavirus spike protein. The huge problem hiding in plain sight is that this is the spike protein (with a few modifications in the case of the mRNA injections, including changes designed to make it stick to the outside of cells) that research has shown on its own (without the rest of the virus) in animal models to be responsible for causing the serious pathology and toxicity in a Covid infection, i.e., the actual disease of Covid itself. An ‘unwise’ choice for a vaccine, perhaps, as the toxicity of the spike protein has also been well documented from research going back 18 years as well as from gain of function research at Chapel Hill and Wuhan specifically designed to make the spike protein even more lethal. In particular, a sequence of 12 amino acids known as the furin cleavage site (so called because the protein can be cleaved in two at this site by the enzyme furin) is highly unlikely to have mutated into being by chance. It is found in none of the dozens of known coronaviruses but increases the infectivity of the virus up to 20 times. 

14. Why the injections carry higher risk than the virus for the vast majority

Most of us had some level of pre-existing immunity even before 2020. The mucosal and innate immune systems of most healthy people, even those without pre-existing immunity and virtually 100% of children, can easily fend off an infection before the virus starts to replicate and so their bodies will not produce any of the virus with its damaging spike protein. And even if they do, they will produce very little, and it will be confined to the airways. Only in a small susceptible minority will the infection get so out of control that the virus will enter the circulation and replicate all over the body. Very few people will therefore experience serious damage from the spike protein with a natural infection – as was proved to be the case up to 8 December 2020, prior to the introduction of the vaccine programme. 

In contrast, following the injection every single person receiving a viable dose will produce these toxic spike proteins to varying degrees and in some cases trillions of individual damaging spikes will be produced. 

The injected contents can generate trillions of spike protein: Unlike a natural infection where the body has a chance to destroy the virus before it can infect a cell, LNPs of the Pfizer and Moderna injectables are not seen by the immune system and so are successful in smuggling in all their billions of copies of mRNA cargo required to make plenty of spike protein. This maximises the numbers of spike protein made. But there are other mechanisms by which the number of spikes is increased further. The Pfizer and Moderna synthetic RNA codes are NOT identical to the RNA of the virus. RNA is made up of nucleotides and each triplet of three nucleotides, called a codon, codes for a single amino acid. These amino acids are the building blocks for proteins. Amongst other alterations, this injected RNA contains many substitutions of cytosine (C) and guanine(G) instead of the naturally occurring nucleotides, in the 3rd position of codons wherever this substitution can be carried out without changing the amino acid being coded for. A CG rich RNA is read far more efficiently by ribosomes and this synthetic RNA can produce up to 1,000 times more spike protein than the original viral RNA. This means that the amount of spike protein produced has the potential to be phenomenal. 

N1-Methyl-pseudouridine, not found in nature: The RNA used in the Pfizer and Moderna gene therapy products also uses a synthetic analogue of one of the nucleotides instead of the naturally occurring nucleotide, a methylated pseudo form of uridine instead of uridine which is never found in nature in mRNA, specifically in order to make it highly resistant to degradation. Together with CG enrichment and other modifications (a cap and tail), this enhances stability and longevity of the mRNA, enabling continued production of spike protein using the same mRNA over a prolonged period. This is expected to further increase the number of spike proteins produced, extending the period during which damage to tissues can occur throughout the body. Nucleotides in our cells are often re-used. The impact of these highly unnatural pseudo-uridine nucleotides on the body, how long they persist and whether they interfere with normal cell function is unknown. 

In this context it is interesting that vaccine proponents claim that the fact the vaccines elicit up to 10 x the antibodies of a natural infection is proof that it confers better protection than natural immunity. I have already explained in sections 4 and 5 why increased antibodies do not necessarily mean increased protection but unfortunately what it does indicate is that far greater numbers of damaging spike protein are being produced as a result of the injections than with a natural infection. This is unlikely to be good news.

The claim that the injection contents remain at the site of injection is not supported by any evidence. On the contrary, pharmacokinetic studies, one from Pfizer disclosed belatedly a few months ago by the Japanese authorities in response to a request from vaccinologist Dr Bryam Bridle and another biodistribution study by Moderna on similar LNPs published in 2017 (but containing mRNA for influenza virus), show that 50-70% of the LNPs become widely distributed in the body very quickly following injection, including in the brain, spleen, adrenal glands, bone marrow, ovaries, liver and testes and over 2 days. Worryingly, LNPs were shown to continue accumulating over time in the ovaries and both the spike protein and LNPs have been found to cross the blood brain barrier. In addition, a peer-reviewed scientific research study found that at least the spike protein subunit that binds to the ACE2 (angiotensin converting enzyme 2) receptor was found in the general circulation of 11 out of 13 healthcare workers after receiving the Moderna injection. Notably, the spike protein could be detected in the blood up to two weeks post-vaccination in most individuals and at 28 days post-vaccination in one individual. Together with autopsy evidence in section 24 and the extent and variety of adverse events reports this is all highly consistent with both the LNPs and the spike protein becoming widely distributed in the general circulation in many cases. 

Where the blood vessels become smaller and narrower in the small capillaries and the blood slows down is where it is most likely for the LNPs to enter the vascular endothelial cells lining these blood vessels. This can happen in the tiny capillaries of the brain, the heart and elsewhere. The spike protein can potentially be produced by vascular endothelial cells in every single part of the body, including the brain. This is a particular concern, not only because of the potential to initiate brain inflammation, stroke, and neurological conditions such as Bell’s palsy but also prion disease which might not become apparent for years. Because of the robustness of the modified mRNA this spike protein production can carry on for several weeks or even months. 

The claim that the spike protein is inactivated is meaningless: In the case of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines it is claimed that the spike protein is inactivated but this is not strictly true. It has been modified to stiffen its hinge-like structure by two insertions of the amino acid proline so that once it attaches to an ACE2 receptor, it is unable to fold at the ‘hinge’ to convert to the streamline shape that enables it to traverse through the membrane and enter the cell. Not being able to enter the cell does not mean it has been inactivated. Quite the reverse, as this does two things. Firstly, by binding to ACE2 the spike protein deactivates it. ACE2 is an extremely important enzyme involved in regulating the inflammatory response and making it inactive in too many cells can result in uncontrolled release of inflammatory cytokines and increase in vascular permeability. This is the opposite of the inflammation controlling action of Vitamin D on ACE2 described in the paper noted in section 11. Secondly, it means that it remains highly visible to the immune system exposed on the outside of the endothelial cells. The idea behind this deliberate design is that it would thus be capable of eliciting a stronger antibody reaction

If the person’s immune system has never come across the spike protein before, antibody production will take several weeks, and the entire abnormal looking cell will be attacked and destroyed by T-cells of the immune system. When antibodies are eventually produced weeks later, aided by cross talk between T-helper cells and the B cells that produce antibodies, they will be of the type IgM rather than IgG. The levels of these IgM antibodies build up and then subside to be replaced by IgG antibodies which also build up and then subside. On a subsequent encounter it will be IgG antibodies that will be produced quickly within a matter of days - but there will be no IgM on a second or subsequent exposure.

As a digression, it is interesting that at least 3 published studies (all pre-July 2021) show that following the first dose of vaccination, in 99% of cases IgG antibodies were produced within a few days but there was no IgM. This proves that the people vaccinated were already immune and did not need to be vaccinated. It also shows that herd immunity was already reached by that time. (You might well ask that if this is true, why are we still having Covid cases and hospitalisations? The reasons for this are discussed later on.)  

In any event, the spike protein on the surface of endothelial cells causes the cells to be attacked by our own killer T-cells resulting in tissue damage and attracting clotting agents which can then block the small capillaries. The spike protein can also bind directly to platelets, further increasing the likelihood of blood clots. Where this happens in the heart, heart failure, heart attacks, myocarditis and pericarditis can result. Where it occurs in the brain, strokes, Bell’s palsy, MS, transverse myelitis and other neurological conditions can result and in the lungs, pulmonary hypertension. General immune system dysregulation can result in allergies and intolerances while the similarity in protein sequence between many of our own tissues and sections of the spike protein can result in many different autoimmune conditions such as lupus, MS etc. ACE2 rich tissue such as the heart, brain, testes and GI tract might be especially vulnerable to clotting and blockage, and bleeding can ironically also result from the clotting as the clotting factors get used up. 

There has never before been any vaccine, which in the course of eliciting antibody production and as an integral part of the biological mechanism also inevitably causes our own immune system to turn against and destroy its own cells on the insides of small blood vessels in any and every part of the body. As Dr Sucharit Bhakdi points out, this is both horrific and unthinkable. 

If there is significant tissue damage to heart or brain cells which do not regenerate, the effects can be permanent. These are most certainly NOT SIDE effects but the INEVITABLE BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS of these vaccines, the only variables being the degree and location of injury. Lesser signs of injuries which may manifest initially as headaches or tiredness can nevertheless result in long term serious issues as described by Cambridge educated experienced family doctor, Dr Hoffe. Even people who think they escaped with no side effects might find that undetected weakening of their microvasculature results in a serious unexpected incidence such as stroke, heart attack or heart failure at some point in the future. Perhaps years afterwards. 

Blood tests can detect raised D-dimer which indicates micro-clotting of blood vessels even when clots are too small to be detected by other means. Raised D-dimer has been found in 62% of patients examined by Dr Hoffe shortly following the Moderna injection and comparable results have been obtained by others. Unfortunately, I understand this test is not accessible to UK GPs under NHS guidelines without a good clinical reason - an acceptable reason does not seem to include suspicion of blood clots which are clinically undetectable. 

Differences from the above in the replication deficient adenovirus vectored vaccines: The J&J code also contains the proline insert described above that stiffens the ‘hinge’, but the AZ code replicates the wild-type spike protein. The spike protein will therefore in this case be able to enter the cell via the ACE2 receptor and get broken down. Pieces will be presented on the outside of the cells on a special display ‘platform’ by the cell’s quality control system. These will be recognised as foreign by the immune system and the cells attacked and destroyed in the same way as described above by killer T-cells, causing the same debris and clotting issues. A more marked difference is that the adenovirus vector is itself recognisable by the immune system. On a first encounter our bodies do not recognise it and cannot mount an attack in time. Therefore, the adenovirus will be able to successfully smuggle its cargo of DNA into cells to manufacture spike protein. With a subsequent dose, however, less of the DNA payload might actually reach the cells as the entire package should be quickly recognised and destroyed by the immune system. With the AZ vaccine, the chimp adenovirus would not have been seen by our immune system on the first dose. However, as the J&J uses a human cold adenovirus it would presumably attract some immune response on the first dose itself. This does not happen with the mRNA vaccines as the LNP is not recognised by the immune system, making every dose just as potentially dangerous as the first.

Depending on the distribution and number of spikes produced, the effects will vary greatly from person to person. Another factor affecting variability in response is that the mRNA injections, particularly the Pfizer, have very stringent storage requirements. Originally, the Pfizer vaccine needed to be stored at minus 70-80 °C. The chances of batches becoming unviable and the LNPs not remaining intact is far higher than for the adenovirus vectored injections. If this occurs, less spike protein will be produced (which given the above information might be a very good thing). It is curious that the Pfizer vaccines are now allowed to be stored for longer periods at higher temperatures. Will this reduce their potency and might this help the vaccine industry at a time where adverse reactions are being reported at an alarming rate? 

Whether adverse events occur also depends on our bodies’ ability to deal with the toxic cationic lipids and other potentially allergenic/toxic components within the injections - worrying, undeclared components have recently been reported by doctors/labs which will not be discussed further here, although it is something that does need to be followed up. This is all very different to a conventional vaccine when the dose is known and standardised and delivered to a particular place. Younger people, and in particular young males, are expected to be more efficient at translating mRNA into proteins so theoretically face a higher risk of serious adverse reactions. Unfortunately, this has now been borne out by the data (sections 22-24).

Immune system dysregulation is also caused by creating confusion by stimulating a strong antibody response but totally bypassing the innate immune system as the usual cross talk and communication between the innate and adaptive responses and the normal interplay of chemical signalling does not occur. According to Judy Mikovits, the CG rich areas further confuse the immune system as these are usually seen as red flag danger signals in connection with both bacteria and viruses, causing dysregulation of type 1 interferon signalling. It is also expected that there will be exhaustion of T-cells following their massive activation against our own tissue. Together, this dysregulation and suppression can result in reactivation of dormant viruses such as varicella (causing shingles) and herpes zoster (cold sores) which a well-functioning immune system would normally keep in check. Many cases of shingles have indeed been reported on the Yellow Card system and we personally know many people who developed infections of various kinds e.g., ear infection, urinary infections etc. as well as shingles. There is also a question mark over whether HIV sequence inserts in the spike protein could cause immune suppression, HIV being the virus implicated in AIDS. In any event, there certainly seems to be plenty of real world evidence that immune suppression does indeed follow vaccination with Covid injections (see also section 16).

Long Covid: The threat of long Covid is often used to frighten younger people and children, who have no risk of dying from the virus, into getting vaccinated. However, the likelihood of developing long Covid is dependent on the person’s own immune health status rather than the virus itself. The very same individuals at risk for long Covid are far more likely to develop it from the vaccine which causes spike protein damage to be maximised as well as dysregulation and mis-programming of the immune system. The injections will be expected to increase the risk of developing long Covid, as well as the future risk of any virally initiated chronic fatigue like condition. 

Integration of vaccine DNA/RNA into our genomes: The hotly disputed question of how integration of vaccine DNA/RNA into our genomes might take place will not be discussed further as this will take up far too many pages - except to say that the fact checkers and pharma narrative writers are not strictly correct - there are known biological mechanisms by which this can indeed occur as described in detail by Dr Doug and Dr Seneff. According to Dr Fleming, it has even been shown to do so this year - with the code being reverse transcribed and integrated into all 23 human chromosomes apart from 8,15 and 20. However, any cell expressing spike protein should in theory get destroyed pretty quickly unless the gene remains silent, only to be expressed at a later date. I expect the greater problem might come where rapidly dividing cells integrate the gene and pass the dormant gene to many surrounding daughter cells. If all these cells start expressing the gene at a future date on an unpredictable trigger event then there is potential for wholly unexpected extensive tissue damage to result. Whilst this is theoretical, experts believe it is entirely possible. Why take such a serious risk of altering DNA that has the potential to be passed down through generations, however unlikely it might be thought to be, unless it is really necessary or there is a very high reward? 

It is clear that the response to the vaccines is highly individual and adverse reactions will differ far more widely in different people than with conventional vaccines. An extremely wide range of entirely unpredictable reactions can occur even in the same person at different times purely by chance. There may well be the genesis of insidious conditions which may not become evident until some time in the future, acting like ticking time bombs. Every person, especially the young, healthy and fit, is literally playing Russian Roulette with their health and lives, and it seems to me that virtually every healthy under 70 faces a far higher risk of adverse reactions than if they caught the virus naturally – which by now most would have done anyway, as demonstrated elsewhere. This is now no longer just an opinion – Steve Kirsch’s calculations using real world data show that 15 people are killed by the injections for every Covid death possibly prevented and this is validated by looking at the evidence in a variety of different ways (sections 22-24).

This open letter from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance - a group of doctors, lawyers, immunologists and other professionals - covers many important points relevant to this discussion.

15. Can the injections affect fertility?

Pregnant women and their babies have not been shown to be at any higher risk from Covid. The phase 3 trials excluded pregnant women, women of childbearing age and lactating women but even had they been included, the trials lasted only 6 months. Pregnancy, as we all know, takes 9 months. There is therefore no data to demonstrate vaccine safety for these particular groups. This did not prevent women in these groups from being encouraged and even coerced to take the vaccines with claims even made that they were safe. Again, we have more questions than answers as to why this should be happening.

According to Dr Jessica Rose, a paper claiming to demonstrate that the vaccines were safe in pregnancy contained a mathematical error that, when corrected, actually demonstrated an 82% spontaneous abortion rate in the first and second trimester. I have not had a chance to examine this myself but from what I have seen Dr Rose has always been very rigorous about sticking to facts and data. Recently there have been many anecdotal reports of clusters of babies being born and seeming quite normal but dying of pulmonary haemorrhage within 48-72 hours. This condition is usually incredibly rare, and you do not expect several cases in a hospital in close temporal proximity. At the least there are investigations to be made of these cases before continuing with the baseless assertion that the injections are safe in pregnancy.

A concern that the spike protein contains similar amino acid sequences to a placental protein, syncytin-1, (which, incidentally, is generally thought to derive from capture of a virus by our mammalian ancestors millions of years ago) was first flagged up by Dr Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr Mike Yeadon, an ex-Chief Scientific Officer and an ex-Vice President at Pfizer. The similarity was a concern because antibodies directed at the spike protein may also cross-react with and attack the placenta. This would clearly be a concern in any pregnancy. They filed a detailed petition with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on Dec 1, 2020, warning about a range of safety concerns, including this issue before EMA gave Emergency Use Authorisation to these gene-based ‘vaccines’. Several other concerns have since been confirmed or suspected. Dr Yeadon reports that the BBC used Radio 4 to attack him, “leaving potentially millions of listeners believing that these agents are safe in pregnancy, when we simply don’t have the data to make such a claim.” 

He has highlighted a paper looking at precisely this issue. A small study of the Pfizer vaccine measured antibodies to spike protein and to syncytin-1. From the earliest time after the injection, all women had measurable levels of antibodies against the placental protein, syncytin-1, even before antibodies to spike protein increased. However, the paper concludes that antibodies to syncitin-1 were not raised and notes: “At the same time-points, anti-syncytin-1 binding activities were far below the positive control and were interpreted as negative”. It is important to note the words ‘interpreted as’ because if you actually look at the graph it does clearly show elevated levels of antibodies, supporting Dr Yeadon’s assertion that they just used an arbitrary cut off in order to get the ‘right’ negative result.

They note later on, the following: we encourage a restrained interpretation of our findings, as post-authorisation surveillance data from the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) highlight spontaneous miscarriage as the most common obstetric outcome after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination. So, they do at least admit that many cases of spontaneous abortion following Covid injections have been reported to VAERS. 

As discussed in section 14, Pfizer’s biodistribution study of the vaccine after injection into rats showed that some of the lipid nano particles (LNPs) reached the ovaries. Moderna's own research published in 2017 and a 2012 animal study found that LNP formulations accumulated in ovaries over time. The key point of concern here is that in the ovaries the build-up is cumulative over time with no reduction observed over a limited time. We cannot possibly know what the long-term implications of this are for fertility. 

Despite there being no basis for claiming safety in pregnancy and despite the clear potential for harm, pregnant women and women of childbearing age are nevertheless encouraged and even coerced into getting vaccinated.

16. Foreseeable biologically plausible medium and long-term adverse events

What is even more concerning is that there are many other highly predictable and insidious life shortening conditions that can be fully expected to develop and emerge over the next few years. These include prion disease, Alzheimer’s/dementia, sterility, all types of cancers, chronic neurological issues and chronic autoimmune conditions. Heart failure from damaged heart muscle must be added to this list.

Two parts of the spike protein that cause particular concern are a prion insert, HIV gp120 (from the AIDS virus), and a prion-like domain at the top of the spike protein that forms as a result of the inserts. A prion is a protein that forms a crystalline beta sheet in the cytoplasm instead of the usual alpha helical structure which is membrane bound and which then induces more protein to fold in the same sheet-like manner. These misfolded proteins aggregate over time. Animal experiments on humanised mice and macaques confirm that the introduction of spike protein results in progressive prion like disease similar to spongiform encephalitis (mad cow disease) and to Lewy bodies similar to those found in Alzheimer’s, leading to an early death. 

Other predictable medium/long term effects include an increase in susceptibility to viral diseases caused by a skewed antibody dominant immune response which has been reprogrammed through repeat injections (the more vaccinations, the more the effect). The result is depressed innate immunity and a lower killer T-cell count in the longer term as the two arms of the immune system Th1 and Th2 suppress each other. If this persists, it can lead directly to chronic inability to fight viral infections, and to increases in all cancers which killer T-cells normally keep in check. It is therefore concerning that vaccinees were found to have suppressed levels of CD8+ killer T-cells. Whether this occurs as a result of temporary T-cell exhaustion following the mounting of the extensive attack against spike producing and spike studded cells or whether it is caused by longer term mis programming is unknown. There is also evidence from research that genes involved in keeping cancer in check such as tumour suppressor genes P53 and BRCA 1/ 2 may be inactivated by the Covid injections due to the spike protein interacting with the binding sites for these

It is worrying that a dramatic 20x increase in certain cancers, infections and re-emergence of previously controlled conditions is already being noted by immunologist and doctor Dr Ryan Cole (from 11 minutes) as well as dramatic increases in cancers being reported by many oncologists. There are thousands of reports of these types of conditions in the UK and US reporting systems. With every further Covid injection the risks are expected to compound. The reprogramming of the immune system by vaccinations is also expected to lead to far more cases of Long Covid than the natural infection would have done. 

Once someone is on the treadmill of injections, how many more doses will they be made to take? And what of the accumulation of toxic lipids, Polyethylene glycol (PEG), SM-102, graphene oxide, RNA/DNA debris from the manufacturing process and other known and unknown substances in each dose in the body? No one appears to have studied the short-term effect of multiple vaccinations on the human body let alone long-term effects. Israel has carried out a third round of injections and has already announced the need for a fourth. They now have some of the biggest problems with Covid of all countries along with the other highly vaccinated countries such as Iceland and Gibraltar while lightly vaccinated countries are experiencing far fewer issues. A recent paper in the European Journal of Epidemiology  "Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States" - 2021 confirms this, observing that “the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.”  

And this graph from the Israeli Ministry of Health data shows that the greater the number of vaccinations, the higher the death rate.

It is notable that in stark contrast with the now 10 deaths (one unvaccinated) of people we personally knew (or who are parents of people we know) since introduction of the shots on 8 December 2020, we do not know a single person or anyone who had a relative who died of Covid or even with Covid prior to 8 December 2020. It seems from our own experience, without even looking at the data, that the introduction of the vaccine programme in the UK was followed closely by an increase in deaths. One of these was the very recent wholly unexpected sudden death of a 49-year-old. The post-mortem concluded that he had a heart attack. None of these would have been reported as a vaccine-caused death on the Yellow Card system as no relative suspected a link except in the first care home case when a cluster of 9 deaths occurred shortly after vaccination. This was investigated but it is thought to have been eventually attributed to Covid rather than the recent vaccinations. These anecdotal observations are consistent with there being a very high level of underreporting of adverse events.

17. Vaccine trials

The true efficacy in the Pfizer trial was actually only around 1% when expressed as a (far more relevant) absolute risk reduction rather than a relative risk reduction of 96%. None of the other vaccines showed absolute risk reductions of more than 2%. The absolute risk reduction takes into account your chances of catching Covid in the first place. (As this was tiny in the trials, it shows yet again that herd immunity was already largely established during the trial period.) Using relative risk is a trick often employed by the pharmaceutical industry to make drug performance appear far more impressive than it actually is. But even this unimpressive 1% risk reduction was the purported efficacy against the original virus, not the now mutated delta variant against which the injection is far less effective. This is because the antibodies it elicits fit the original spike protein and are a poor fit for the delta variant spike protein.

It is also important to understand that the trials were never designed to detect reduction in hospitalisation and death. The trial end point was merely the reduction in symptoms as determined by the (problematic) PCR test. So, the 96% relative risk reduction often quoted is the purported effectiveness in reducing (possibly minor) symptoms. In addition, the trial participants were not representative of the population. They all but excluded the old, the sick, those with comorbidities, the young, pregnant and lactating women and anyone with prior immunity – only healthy people with virtually zero risk from the virus were included in the main trials. Where a few people at higher risk were included in one or two of the main trials or in side trials, the numbers of relevant participants were far too small for any meaningful statistically relevant conclusions on safety or efficacy to be drawn. Those with comorbidities and the elderly are the very categories at most risk from Covid and therefore the very categories that the trials should have concentrated their main efforts on. 

Despite, purportedly, a far lower number of ‘confirmed’ cases, there was a higher number of deaths, heart attacks and health issues in the vaccinated arm in all the trials. I say ‘purportedly’ as not all participants with symptoms in the vaccine arm of the Pfizer trial appear to have been tested. There are many other question marks and problems concerning the trial methodology but to deal with those would take several more pages. Peter Doshi, one of the editors of the BMJ, has written some excellent articles/papers here, here and here on this subject if you wish to delve further and there are further issues that have surfaced since.

This very helpful paper by Bart Classen re-analyses the trial data for the 4 main vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and J&J, using end-points that the general public would actually expect to see used i.e. he examined whether the vaccines reduced deaths and severe morbidity (health conditions) instead of the trial end points actually used of whether they merely reduced the number of (fairly meaningless) PCR positive cases

The following is extracted from the conclusion: Results prove that none of the vaccines provide a health

benefit and all pivotal trials show a statically significant increase in ‘all cause severe morbidity’ in the vaccinated group compared to the placebo group. The Moderna immunized group suffered 3,042 more severe events than the control group (p=0.00001). The Pfizer data was grossly incomplete, but data provided showed the vaccination group suffered 90 more severe events than the control group (p=0.000014), when only including ‘unsolicited’ adverse events. The Janssen immunized group suffered 264 more severe events than the control group (p=0.00001). These findings contrast the manufacturers’ inappropriate surrogate endpoints. Based on this data it is all but a certainty that mass COVID-19 immunization is hurting the health of the population in general. Scientific principles dictate that the mass immunization with COVID-19 vaccines must be halted immediately because we face a looming vaccine induced health catastrophe.” 

As time goes on and the proportion of people in the population with natural immunity grows, the absolute risk reduction must reduce further until it eventually approaches zero. Eventually virtually everyone who was vaccinated or unvaccinated would have come across the virus and acquired all round (rather than narrow spike focused vaccine induced) immunity to the virus so even if vaccine induced immunity was perfect and 100% effective, vaccinations would nevertheless at that stage become superfluous and cannot be of further benefit – from that point on they can only pose a risk. As noted in section 14, some months ago well over 90% of vaccinees elicited IgG antibodies to the virus (rather than IgM), which means that at that stage it was already no longer rational or necessary to continue to vaccinate. 

Recent official data shows that although the number of so-called cases in the UK have been rising (Our World in Data) in the last few weeks, population levels of antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein (pg.20) have remained more or less stable. This indicates there have not been new infections of people who have never had Covid before - yet again indicating that herd immunity has been reached. As this data is NOT consistent with NEW Covid infections it must mean that (unless the ‘cases’ are not of SARS-CoV-2), they are mostly re-infections. There is plenty of research (see section 6) showing that the vaccinated are far more likely to become reinfected and that the unvaccinated Covid recovered never or virtually never become reinfected. It is very likely therefore, particularly given plentiful recent anecdotal evidence to confirm this, that the vast majority of these re-infection cases must be in the vaccinated. 

It seems that while herd immunity has been reached amongst the unvaccinated population, much like in the Amish community, the vaccines themselves are actually preventing effective herd immunity from being achieved in the vaccinated population. If this is the case then continuing to vaccinate can only have the effect of making a bad situation far worse. 

18. Waning antibodies, boosters, delta variant and a strong warning

We hear that antibodies wane and that this means we are losing immunity. This is a convenient narrative to explain the loss in immune protection and inject everyone with boosters of the same product that failed. Immune memory does not reside in antibodies but in memory B and T cells which are difficult to measure. The body does not maintain elevated levels of antibodies to every one of the trillions of pathogens it has encountered; that would be inefficient and wasteful. Instead, on the second or subsequent encounter, the memory B cells will quickly ensure that antibodies are produced rapidly. Memory B cells usually last for decades. Falling levels of antibodies are quite normal and do not usually indicate any loss of immunity. The reason for the issues with the delta variant is far more likely to be either ADE, ill-fitting antibodies or immunosuppression caused by the injection which makes these people susceptible to re-infection, or a combination thereof. 

There is a process termed affinity maturation which is like a very rapid mini evolutionary process in which only antibodies that are the best fit for an antigen encountered are selected whilst others die. This hypermutation and selection process is repeated over many months resulting in antibodies becoming an increasingly good fit for the antigens. This means that as time goes by, the immune systems of the vaccinated become better and better trained against the original Wuhan virus spike protein. Unfortunately, this also means that as the actual virus moves further and further away from the original, there is an increasing likelihood of ADE instead of protection. The answer to this problem cannot be to inject people with a product that makes them produce EVEN MORE of the ill-fitting antibodies. Boosters may have an absolutely disastrous effect – as well as increasing the risk of ADE, they can make these people even sicker with all the conditions described in sections 14 and 16, further compromising their immune systems. They may even kill some people. In this context, it is relevant to consider that the influenza shots against one season’s virus have been shown to result in a more serious illness when encountering future influenza strains. 

ADE should not be an issue for the unvaccinated previously exposed as they will have wide-ranging all-round immunity to all parts of the virus.

It is very possible that deaths caused will be blamed on Covid, perpetuating an extremely vicious circle as people call for yet another round of injections and restrictions. Or they may be blamed on something else like the delayed effect of lockdowns. There are even rumours that the dramatic increase in heart conditions and clotting/bleeding may be blamed on a ‘new virus’, causing mass panic. This warning from an engineer and academic who has worked for 22 years at a major academic teaching hospital in Dublin is not substantiated, but reluctantly, I feel I need to flag this up as a possibility, however incredible and ‘conspiracy theory-like’ it might sound because of two things: firstly, the very serious and horrific implications were this actually to occur and secondly, I have confirmed that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation led GAVI Alliance (formerly the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations) has indeed flagged up the Marburg virus on its website in April of this year noting that it can lay dormant in people for years and that it has an extremely high mortality rate (80-100%). PCR tests (which as seen in section 2 can ‘prove’ you have almost anything) and vaccines (with untested unverified contents) for this virus have already been produced despite the Marburg virus having rarely produced a problem in the past, with only 2 cases outside Africa since 2000. It produces haemorrhagic fever and symptoms that can mimic the effect of spike protein damage to blood vessels and might therefore be a very convenient scapegoat. I can therefore see some logic to this speculation. Should such a terrifying announcement be made, no one should panic. They should strongly resist getting this new highly dubious sounding vaccine without carrying out detailed research and questioning the narrative thoroughly. 

19. Do the unvaccinated spawn variants as claimed? 

Experts such as virologist/vaccinologist Geert Vanden Bossche and the Nobel Prize winning virologist Professor Luc Montagnier have been warning for many months that vaccinating during a pandemic with a non-sterilising vaccine will give rise to variants. As vaccine induced ‘immunity’ is very narrow, directed only at the spike protein, and as vaccinees will have immunity that is overly focused on antibodies and innate immunity that is suppressed, evolutionary pressure will push the virus to adapt the spike protein to escape the vaccines. A similar process is involved in antibiotic resistance. It has become increasingly clear that this is exactly what has been happening (at 38.11 - 46.2 minutes of the video).

There is no such possibility of immune escape in the unvaccinated who will have a balanced immune response to the entire virus and be capable of completely eliminating it (the exception to this being the immune suppressed). Anyone who is unvaccinated with a normally functioning immune system will in the vast majority of cases achieve sterilising mucosal immunity following an infection, enabling them to act as a buffer that protects others. 

Viruses constantly evolve. This is a normal process and usually there would be no cause for alarm as viruses virtually always become less harmful but more transmissible. SARS-CoV-2 is actually not a rapidly mutating virus like influenza which swaps/shuffles whole segments of its genome to make new strains that are unrecognised by our immune systems. SARS-CoV-2 RNA is around 30,000 nucleotides long, coding for 29 genes. Sequencing data suggest that it mutates more slowly than most other RNA viruses, probably because of a ‘proofreading’ enzyme that corrects potentially fatal copying mistakes. A typical SARS-CoV-2 virus accumulates only two single-letter mutations per month in its genome. However, the problem is that this process speeds up considerably under the pressure of vaccination with a non-sterilising vaccine. Most of these mutations will not change the shape of the protein and therefore immune recognition but some will. 

The immune system of someone with natural immunity typically has T-cells that recognise 100s of specific sites called epitopes all around the virus and therefore, despite dozens of mutations, it will still be recognised. The possibility of immune escape from natural immunity of an exposed person is therefore highly unlikely. Even if there is immune escape in a minority of people this will not happen at a population level as the immune systems of different people recognise different epitopes or parts of the same virus. This is because of the incredible level of diversity in the human genes involved and the way in which these are shuffled. Even the narrow-focused vaccine induced immunity to only the spike protein can typically involve 15-20 separate T-cell epitopes that the immune system remembers and therefore it is difficult for even vaccine induced immunity to be circumvented entirely. However, there are other reasons why vaccine induced immunity might fail, as detailed later in this section.

The virus does not have unlimited ways to mutate because it still needs to be able to have a structure that can bind the ACE2 receptor in order to enter cells. SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 are probably similar in terms of durability of immune memory. They differ from common cold coronaviruses which have more rapidly mutating loop-like structures which cause antigenic drift and therefore make possible evasion from natural immunity more likely. Natural immunity to these two SARS viruses, SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2, is therefore expected to be longer lasting and far more difficult to evade than for rapidly mutating influenza or even common cold viruses. 

Dr Fleming’s and Professor Luc Montagnier’s work shows that as the virus mutates, it seems to be gradually shedding the regions that were inserted in the gain of function work at the Wuhan labs (section 14 and 16) and reverting back to the three wild types from which it originated. If this is the case, there should now be far less to fear from a more transmissible but less dangerous virus with its less dangerous spike protein. However, ironically, the spike protein produced as a result of the vaccines continues to be the original Wuhan spike which still carries these dangerous sections. Hence, while the vaccine has always been worse than the disease for the vast majority of people, it is now far more so. It seems senseless and reckless to try to ‘boost’ immunity of vaccinees by injecting them with a vaccine made to counter a strain that is now no longer in circulation but carries considerable risk.

The upsetting and disastrous result will be that the vaccinated end up with compromised reprogrammed immune systems with reduced innate immunity and overly trained antibodies. The more doses, the more detrimental the effect. It has recently emerged that double vaccinees who subsequently become infected produce lower levels of antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein (pg. 23) of the virus, demonstrating that their all-round immunity to the virus appears to be suppressed. They will still need to be very careful because if they do encounter the virus again, they might still remain susceptible to both re-infection and to ADE with a progressively worse outcome with time as the virus continues to mutate away from the original and their antibodies which will be produced in abundance, fit less and less well. They need to take a very serious look at preventative measures and treatments, and it is very concerning that they are not being provided with this information. 

The remaining buffer of healthy unvaccinated individuals is being gradually eroded as vaccination of younger and younger age groups continues. Vaccinating an even greater proportion of the population can only lead to a worse and disastrous outcome, not only for those individuals themselves but for the population as a whole. 

20. Transmission of spike protein via exosomes

Although there is controversy surrounding this issue there are far too many convincing anecdotal reports to simply dismiss this phenomenon. It has been reported that something appears to be transmitting and causing symptoms, often bleeding in women, but sometimes general Covid like illness, in the unvaccinated who come into close contact with the recently vaccinated. This does have a biological basis as the body gets rid of toxins and even transmits RNA encased in tiny virus-like particles encased in lipid membranes called exosomes. It is perfectly reasonable to believe that this could also occur with the spike protein which the body of a recently vaccinated person will be producing in their trillions and the body is desperate to get rid of. Such exosomes can be shed in the sweat and the breath. In fact, Pfizer’s own documentation  acknowledges this phenomenon. Adverse events reports highlight a case where a baby breastfeeding from a recently vaccinated mother died from extensive bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract. This phenomenon deserves to be urgently investigated as it is a serious safety concern. This is another way in which the vaccinated might pose a health threat to the unvaccinated. 

21. Influenza vaccines urgent warning

The influenza vaccine is not particularly effective against Influenza itself, as discussed by an editor of the BMJ  Dr Peter Doshi. A study by Wolff, published in January 2020, suggested that the influenza vaccine actually increases the risk from coronaviruses in general and added to the findings of many previous studies showing that the influenza vaccine increases the risk from other non-influenza respiratory viruses. This has a biological basis and the mechanism of ‘viral interference’ is a recognised phenomenon. In response, a flurry of studies suggesting that the influenza vaccine actually protects against Covid-19 was published in 2020, although a plausible biological mechanism for this has never been put forward. In the last 20 months a few studies were published suggesting that influenza vaccine increases risk from Covid in particular. Two links I had saved were broken and I can only now find one single study. (If anyone has details of the missing studies, I would be grateful if you could let me know. Searches have been unproductive and even many older studies I found easily in February 2020 in the first few pages of searches have now been buried deeply.) 

It is interesting that there had been massive flu vaccination drives in both Wuhan and in the Lombardy area of Italy just before the outbreaks of Covid. These are the areas that generated the video footage that terrified the world. In my opinion, especially given its relative ineffectiveness (which is predicted to be even more so this year as there was apparently no circulating flu in the Southern hemisphere to base the design on), it is highly questionable to recommend a flu vaccine for someone who is at risk from Covid. I wrote to Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock warning about the viral interference issue as soon as a flu vaccination drive was suggested in the UK in early 2020. This was predictably ignored, and articles appeared in the press dismissing the research mentioned above and encouraging everyone to have a flu vaccine ‘to prevent clogging up hospital beds with flu patients’. Might some of these beds not have been needed had the flu vaccines not been administered? We will probably never know, but it will be very interesting to discover what proportion of people who died of Covid or became hospitalised had taken a flu jab in the previous year. According to press reports Boris Johnson had taken a flu jab in October 2019. 

22. Astronomical levels of adverse events and vaccine related deaths with evidence these are grossly underreported

For some time now, there have been virtually daily reports of heart attacks, stroke, myocarditis in young people, sudden deaths on sports pitches and on competitive cycle tracks etc. of young, previously fit sportsmen and women, and even pilots who have regular health checks to be able to fly, none of which (bar the odd exception) are being reported on MSM. Myocarditis cases in young people are running at 19x the normal rate in the US but this will not include so called ‘mild’ cases which did not require hospitalisation, but which may still impair heart function permanently. From speaking to doctors and from our own experience with friends and relations who have experienced adverse events, it is clear that only a tiny proportion are being reported via the UK’s Yellow Card system. The number of deaths and adverse reactions reported in the UK (currently standing at just over 1,700 and over 1.2 million respectively) can easily be multiplied by 10 at the very least, as previously accepted by MHRA themselves. 

The number of reported vaccine related deaths in 8 months is 4x greater than those reported for all vaccines in the UK for the past 20 years. WHO data shows 8 x the rate of deaths from the Covid vaccines in 9 months as from all influenza vaccines in 52 years.

Even these reported deaths must be a tiny fraction of the true number as they exclude deaths attributed to Covid but actually caused by the injections. Despite these staggering statistics, there is widespread denial and suppression, with health bodies insisting that there is no causal link. This is especially astonishing as there is no evidence they have even attempted to carry out any proper investigation. They also state, based on no evidence whatsoever, that there is an increased rate of reporting for Covid, but all evidence points to the very opposite. There are known backlogs in the US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, VAERS and the UK Yellow Card system. Furthermore, the effects of spike protein on the body are very wide ranging as discussed in sections 14-16 and there is evidence that doctors and medical staff do not make the association between most adverse events and the vaccines. Even when they do, they are often discouraged from reporting these by their superiors or peers who are afraid of being accused of damaging the vaccine programme and take-up rates. Reporting is also very time consuming and busy doctors are not known for having plenty of spare time. 

A causal link is proved beyond reasonable doubt by a combination of means as detailed in section 24 and Dr Jessica Rose has estimated, from Pfizer’s own trial data, that the rate of underreporting of adverse events is around 30. Steve Kirsch has a BS/MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. He is a serial highly successful entrepreneur, inventor of the optical mouse and inventor of an early internet search engine. He started 7 high tech companies, two with billion-dollar market capitalisation. Once or even twice might have been luck but he is unlikely to have built up a string of successful companies without knowing what he is talking about. He is now a philanthropist and founder of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund. He estimates the underreporting factor to be around 40 and others have independently arrived at similar estimates to his and Dr Rose’s numbers. This very enlightening and highly informative first hand report, directly from a major hospital in the US, is consistent with there being widespread and significant underreporting of adverse events. 

Deaths within 28/60 days of a PCR test (which does not even necessarily indicate a Covid infection) are classified as a Covid death. However, a death within 14 days of an injection, even when almost certainly caused by it, is not classified as a vaccine caused death but is often also labelled as a Covid death as people tend to test positive after an injection and the symptoms can be similar. Paradoxically, this has led to ramping up fear of Covid instead of, more appropriately, instilling fear of the injection. 

Steve Kirsch and his team in the US have carried out a detailed analysis of data from the VAERS. The analysis indicates that Covid injection deaths are grossly understated with the real number of deaths being several 100s of thousands, the lowest estimate being 150,000 rather than 12,000 as reported on VAERS at that time. It is widely known that the Harvard Pilgrim study had found that only 1% of medically confirmed adverse events were reported to VAERS. Steve has put up $1million of his own money to anyone who can significantly undermine his analysis. 

Applying a similar multiplier as Steve’s to the UK Yellow Card number of deaths of 1,719 would mean almost 21,500 injection caused deaths in the UK. Assuming only 1% of deaths are reported would mean 171,900 vaccine related deaths. Or here is an alternative estimate: if 10% of deaths have been reported, as previously accepted by MHRA, the true number would be nearer 17,190 deaths. Given that most vaccine-caused deaths within 14 days of the first injection have been misattributed to Covid infection, we could probably multiply that number a few times over at least to give roughly 34,000 to 52,000. The true number is probably somewhere in between all those. Of course, these are very crude estimates but given the sheer extent of both underreporting and misattribution, the order of magnitude of these types of numbers is probably far more accurate than the 1,719 reported as injection related deaths. 

Steve has also calculated that the vaccines kill 15 people for every Covid death that might be saved.

Different data from the US also shows that vaccine related deaths are grossly underreported and could amount to as many as half a million. Confirmed deaths from just 1 of the 11 reporting systems (of which VAERS is only one), the CMC system, shows deaths of 45,000 between the shot and 3 days. Data analysts were continuing interrogations, extracting data for days 4+. None of these deaths are being officially reported by the CDC despite CDC claims that they would be closely monitoring and reporting adverse reactions. These 45,000 deaths are the subject of a lawsuit filed on 19 July in N Alabama by Thomas Renz for an injunction to stop emergency use authorisation. 

Evidence has also emerged of reports of deaths being systematically removed from the VAERS system. Similar reports are being received from Israel. Facebook posts about deaths and adverse events, even including obituaries, are being censored, with entire Facebook groups for the vaccine injured being removed. Google has been making it as difficult as possible to find details of known vaccine injuries and deaths with people having to resort to other search engines like DuckDuckGo to find them. It seems that everything possible is being done to prevent the public from finding out about the mounting and terrifying toll of deaths and injuries attributable to the vaccines.

We know someone who lost their mother a week after her injection ‘to Covid’. There was a cluster of 9 similar cases in that same care home within a week or two in December shortly following injections but there had previously been no deaths in that home for months. We now personally know 10 more people who have died or who have lost a parent since 8 December 2020, and although it is not possible to prove that vaccines were the cause, this must remain a suspicion in most of these cases as all but one was either known to be vaccinated or there was a very high probability that they were vaccinated. In the whole of the rest of 2020 there was only one death of anyone known to us (or their parent). That was caused by cancer which had not been diagnosed due to lockdown. 

We also know many elderly people or have friends with parents who started falling or had difficulty walking (7 altogether), had strokes, heart attacks or other issues, or significant worsening of existing conditions like cancer or Alzheimer’s since the start of the vaccination programme on 8 December 2020. All these are predictable biological pathological effects of spike protein in the body that were known about and even documented by the CDC prior to granting of Emergency Use Authorisation in the US but which are now being played down as being ‘nothing to do with the vaccine’. Doctors have had it engraved onto their brains that these injections are ‘safe and effective’ and so look for alternative explanations for any deaths or adverse effects that occur in their patients – as confirmed from discussions with a GP friend who is now doing more to identify adverse events. Such is the blind faith in the Covid vaccines that even when people become ill with Covid despite being fully vaccinated, they simply assume they would have been worse without the vaccines, but as discussed in previous sections, it is likely that the vaccine is the actual cause of their illnesses because of suppressed immunity. There is every possibility that they may never have become sick had they not taken the vaccine.

In light of the enormous amounts of evidence to the contrary detailed in the last few pages, especially of massive under-reporting, where is the evidence for MHRA’s own incredulous and ridiculous assertion that only 9 deaths of the 1,672 reported have been caused by the vaccines?

23. Irrefutable evidence that the injections have led to a significant increase in deaths 

These animated graphs were produced from official data by Joel Smalley, quantitative analyst, blockchain developer and entrepreneur. They compare deaths for different countries before and after the commencement of vaccine programme and what they show is both startling and very clear: 

These are 163 older graphs. 

The first six (4%) countries/provinces have fewer Covid deaths than expected post vaccinations, the next 27 (16%) have more or less expected levels. 131 (80%) countries/provinces have more deaths than expected following introduction of vaccines, with many displaying obvious and dramatic rises in deaths immediately following introduction of the vaccination programme. Data sources: COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University and Our World in Data. The expected red dotted line in the older set is based on a well-tested exponential decay function. 

If it is assumed that the virus, in common with all similar respiratory viruses, is strictly seasonal (as it demonstrably was in 2020 prior to vaccination), the appearance of the unusual non-seasonal rise in July/August in the UK shown in the above series probably results from a combination of ADE, immune suppression, adverse effects of vaccines (e.g. heart attacks, strokes) that are labelled Covid deaths and by the vaccinated acting as super spreaders infecting the vulnerable, as previously discussed.

In the UK, it can be readily seen that the number of people that died with Covid increased dramatically on the roll out of the Covid-19 injections on 8 December 2020. The number of people that died outside of hospitals (homes and care homes) also dramatically increased. 

Questionable methodology was used to ‘prove’ that the injections prevented hospitalisation by comparing hospitalisation rates 4 weeks following the second vaccination with the unvaccinated. However, as most injection caused deaths occurred within 2 weeks of the first vaccination, this only compared survivors of the injections to people who had remained unvaccinated, totally ignoring the high numbers that had died as a result of injections within the 2-week period after the first injection.

India and Sri Lanka (where we have many relatives in the medical profession) both show very similar astonishing increases in deaths coinciding with the start of vaccination. Prior to the vaccination programme they had extremely low Covid deaths per 100,000 of population. It can be readily seen from the graphs that dozens of other Asian and African countries show similar dramatic rises in deaths immediately following the commencement of vaccination (with virtually all other countries showing some increase). In India, the programme was introduced more gradually than in the UK which results in the slight delay before the dramatic uptick begins. It is interesting that 2 prominent Indian doctors who died in April had been double vaccinated, and the chair of a Physicians Association in Tamil Nadu observed that 75% of deaths and 90% of hospitalisations occurred within 3 days of vaccination. Had this been merely coincidental, one would have expected to see a random spread in the timing of deaths following vaccination.

Research from Israeli data concludes that 2 deaths are caused by vaccination for each 3 saved and that the NNTV (number needed to vaccinate) to prevent one death is between 9,000 and 50,000 (CI 95%). Serious adverse events were found to occur at the rate of 1 in 6,250 and deaths at 1 in 25,000. (I note this paper has now been retracted. This does not necessarily indicate there was anything wrong with it. These days it might only mean it does not help the official story). Given the likely significant extent of under-reporting of adverse events, including death, and the fact that these completely exclude biologically plausible/possible/probable medium and longer term serious adverse events, the true picture is likely to be considerably worse. 

French research shows that vaccines increase new infection and deaths in many countries including the UK. 

A comparison between 178 countries according to their vaccination rates versus death rates by a German author comes to very similar conclusions.          

This is an Expert evaluation on adverse effects of the Pfizer-COVID-19 vaccination by author, Hervé Seligmann, who has over 100 peer-reviewed international publications with 3932+ medical citations for his work. He has made this evidence available for any legal challenges. The data shows that the risk of dying in the 2 weeks after the first injection for age 60+ is 15x the risk of dying for the unvaccinated of similar age. Why is this highly relevant and alarming statistic not being reported on our TVs?

Data from PHE’s Weekly Surveillance Reports showed that 70% of Covid deaths since February in the UK have been in the vaccinated (single and double combined). This is in stark contrast with recent government pronouncements which claim that it is the unvaccinated who are dying. The data also show that the vaccinated under 50 have 175% the risk of death of the unvaccinated. However, it is not clear whether the category classified as ‘unvaccinated’ is truly unvaccinated as there is currently a question mark over whether people who have been vaccinated in the past 14 days (the very period when most vaccine deaths occur) have been classified as unvaccinated. This has recently been confirmed to be the case in the US and in Scotland. It is also unclear whether there is a time delay between becoming vaccinated and being removed from inclusion in the ‘unvaccinated’ category. If either or both of these apply, then it is possible that the true percentages are far greater than 70% and 175%. A request was sent to my MP recently to clarify the position, but a standard reply was received with no attempt to address the question asked. Requests have now been sent under the Freedom of Information Act to the new UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), the replacement for Public Health England (PHE).

More recent PHE (now the UKHSA or UK Health Security Agency) numbers for the 4 weeks to 3 October show that Covid deaths in the double vaccinated comprised 80% of total Covid deaths.

24. Causality

Section 23 highlights a high degree of correlation of ‘Covid’ deaths with the roll out of injection programmes in the vast majority of countries. As everyone knows, correlation does not on its own prove causation, but with the sheer amount of independent data all pointing in the same direction it is difficult to refute a causal connection, even before considering the following additional evidence which taken all together, I believe, makes an extremely strong case for causality. 

Dr Jessica Rose explains very elegantly at 30 minutes into this video why the evidence for causality is clear and that the Bradford Hill criteria used to determine causality are easily met: 

The strongest factors pointing to causation are the temporal association (i.e., most of the events happen shortly following vaccination rather than being randomly distributed) and the fact that the events are dose dependent: the second vaccination causes a greater signal than the first. A graph from the video is provided here showing clearly that a higher number of myo/pericarditis is reported following the second dose than the first dose.

Dr Rose also reports that it was recently found that injection-caused myocarditis cases display a very different and distinguishable pathology to normally seen cases of myocarditis.

A recent analysis using data from Palestine demonstrates a causal relationship between first vaccination and subsequent deaths, peaking at day 5 following vaccination. Unfortunately, the prediction leading on from this is another rise in deaths following booster shots.

Additional autopsy evidence of causality: Although autopsies have not been permitted since the start of the crisis (for reasons you might well wonder about), Dr Pete Schirmacher, one of the world’s top pathologists (according to The Pathologists, and whose many posts include Acting Chairman of the German Society of Pathologists and Director of the Institute of Pathology), managed nevertheless to carry out autopsies on 40 people who died within 2 weeks of a Covid injection. His conclusion was that 30-40% can be directly attributed to the injections. This leaves the possibility that a proportion of the remainder was also caused by the injections, but it was not possible to make the direct connection. It is no surprise that Dr Schirmacher has been censored and his findings downplayed. More recently, a further 10 autopsies were carried out in Germany by pathology professors Arne Burkhardt and Walter Lang who concluded that 7 were very probably or probably caused by the vaccination, 2 were inconclusive and one was not caused by it. They described what they found as ‘a lymphocyte riot’, potentially in all tissues and organs. In other words, the lymphocytes, which would be mostly killer T-cells, had unleashed vicious attacks on the person’s cells all over the body – this is wholly as expected and as described in section 14 because these people’s immune systems would have perceived these cells to have been ‘infected’ with spike protein. Autopsy evidence therefore attributes at least 30-70% of deaths shortly following injections to the vaccine. MHRA’s stance that virtually none are, is simply not credible - to say the least. 

The evidence for causality is so clear that only an incredibly obtuse person, or a thoroughly dishonest one, would try to claim there isn’t sufficient evidence. In any event, as Dr Rose points out, when it comes to health the onus of proof is clearly on the person denying causality and in normal circumstances the health authorities would be thoroughly investigating far less obvious danger signals. 

The public should have access to accurate all-cause mortality numbers per 100,000 population for the vaccinated/partially vaccinated (regardless of whether it is within or outside of 14/21 days of vaccination) and the comparative information for the completely (truly) unvaccinated, by age category from 8 December 2020 to date. Only then can it be proved whether or not vaccination has saved/is saving lives or whether it is in fact doing the very opposite - using real life data rather than modelling which, of course, can be made to show anything one wishes. What if vaccination is many more times likely to kill you instead of saving your life? When trying to assess the effectiveness of any new intervention this is very basic highly relevant information that should be publicly available and indeed announced on TV every week instead of the irrelevant/misleading statistics that are presented. However, there is a major problem. If there is ANY delay, even of one day, in the reflection of vaccination status from unvaccinated to vaccinated in the National Immunisation Management System data and subsequent matching up with the death data, as a significant proportion of vaccine caused deaths occur within a short period of vaccination there will be a significant distortion apparently favouring vaccines. The only way to obtain accurate data is to check every single entry to source data. This should urgently be carried out at least for selected towns or areas.

We are coerced into taking vaccines but at the same time being denied the vital basic lifesaving information necessary for us to be able to provide truly informed consent.

25. Vaccine passports – no health/biological justification

Vaccine passports are not capable of controlling transmission for at least 5 biological reasons:

We have noticed that double vaccinated parents have been getting ill and passing this on to their unvaccinated children (although that could also be the result of spike transmission). However, the children from unvaccinated families have not been sick. This is anecdotal of course but this phenomenon has been quite noticeable around us.

For these multiple reasons, the idea of passports for the vaccinated as a measure to control the spread of the virus is beyond irrational and certainly not based on science or real-world data. This is, of course, before considering all the moral, ethical and legal issues which are equally, if not even more, important. 

26. Vaccine passports - an alternative rationale and stark warning

 The authorities cannot be so incompetent that they do not know all this, so what might be the actual reason for this very strong and unwavering juggernaut-like push towards vaccine passports? And why have many other previously free advanced nations already adopted them? A plausible reason might be to coerce more people to take the hugely profitable vaccines despite the inevitability of this being disastrous for the health of the population. Another reason is to increase control over every person as warned by commentators from the beginning of 2020. One detailed warning of what was planned for us all that particularly caught my attention was an account written in November 2020 by Sebastian Friebel, ex advisor to the German Bundestag. Vaccine passports represent a very steeply inclined and highly dangerous slippery slope which will enable them to transform into digital biometric IDs tied to Central Bank Digital Currency used to control other aspects, and perhaps every aspect, of life. There is plenty of evidence that the tech platforms used have been designed to extend to a number of other intrusive areas and that certain supranational organisations have documented plans, which they make no attempt to hide, to implement just such a dystopian control system. There is evidence that this is what has been planned all along, and that the virus was a profitable and integral means of achieving this goal and maintaining it- it is far easier to take freedoms away from people when they are terrified to death of a virus, which they would never in a million years give up willingly under normal circumstances. By the time most people realise what has been taken away from them under the guise of a pandemic, it might already be too late.

What might be taken away? Well, many things: freedom to exercise free will and go where you want when you want; the right to true health instead of the state’s definition of health; the right to free speech; the right to own property and other assets; the right not to be injected with whatever the state thinks fit at any time; the right not to have your hard-earned wealth removed at a whim; the right to eat what you wish; the right to family life; the right not to be restrained or detained without due process and the proper rule of law; the right to democracy itself – the most valued and cherished rights of western individuals and societies which have been hard won by the sacrifice and spilt blood of our ancestors over many generations. I hope that by the time you read this, the door has not already closed, and passive resistance is still a possibility. 

We should all become familiar with the concepts of gaslighting, manipulation and coercive control and with the minds of psychopaths who are capable of the most unbelievable behaviour because they do not possess even a shred of empathy or remorse. This makes them very different to the vast majority of us who possess empathy although it is sometimes difficult to spot them because they know exactly how to behave in public and are often terribly charming. They will do and say whatever they need to, including murdering or injuring any number of people in order to achieve their aims. This really does not bother them in the slightest as they have no feelings for fellow humans. Only self-preservation and the prospect of getting caught and punished are deterrents to them. Such people often rise to the top of organisations and governments. There are many such people in the world and it appears that some of these powerful people, aided by supranational bodies they control and puppet governments, collectively wish to control the rest of us and severely restrict our freedom. Please take a look at the last video on this page at the Chinese Social Credit System, the model planned for the rest of the world.

From around June 2020, I started recognising psychological techniques being used on the British public by our own government and advisors. Nudging behaviour by the government might be acceptable if well-intentioned and benign but is very far removed from gaslighting when the public is made to believe things which are, in most cases, the exact opposite of the truth, and subjected to coercion so overt that it amounts to bullying and blackmail. I am afraid that this is exactly what we have all been subjected to. This sort of behaviour is criminalised within a domestic setting but is it acceptable when used by our own government against us? The justification that a worldwide pandemic makes it excusable is extremely weak once it is realised that there was no such dangerous pandemic to begin with and that the few experts steering the ship must also have known this. Everything that was done seems to have been done with a specific agenda in mind which included vaccinating the entire planet. 

People who had reason to question the narrative early on and/or who do not watch TV were insulated from the effects of this gaslighting and manipulation and continued looking behind the official narratives at the data, scientific research and information from independent non conflicted trusted sources. They travelled in an entirely different direction and started living in a parallel alternative reality to the majority. Last summer I resigned as a member of the Conservative Party after concluding that what they were doing was so irrational that those governing us must be controlled by external forces and no longer stood for the traditional conservative values I believed in. I also cancelled our long-standing subscription to The Times, having grown increasingly exasperated at the one sided and scientifically inaccurate coverage.

Under the guise of a pandemic, Emergency Legislation has been enacted under which 90+ new draconian laws have been pushed through without parliamentary scrutiny or debate, giving the Government excessive control and removing all manner of rights and safeguards from citizens on various pretexts. 

The World Health Organization recently released a guiding document for a digital vaccine certificate that will be blockchain based. This is to be used to implement a vaccine passport in every country and is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & Rockefeller Foundation.

This Final Warning to Humanity from Dr Yeadon, recorded some months ago, is essential viewing from 39.40 to 50.30 minutes. (The rest is also well worth watching.)

Whatever your views are now on vaccination we all need to come together and unite to strongly resist such a nightmare-like future, if not for our own sakes then for the sake of our children and our children’s children as warned. Those were the same words I wrote to my MP in September 2020. This has been a silent war fought with propaganda and disinformation against the entire world. It is incredibly effective as the attacked do not even realise they are under attack and even if they are told, they still don’t believe it. But there are no white horses, no Allied Forces or any 007 to save us. We have to save ourselves by passively resisting participation in anything to do with vaccine passports. Only by sufficient numbers of people realising what is happening and simply refusing to participate, including members of the police and forces, might we stand a good chance of preventing this dystopian future from becoming our reality. 

27. Can this really be happening?

If everything outlined above were true then doesn’t that mean key experts including the JCVI knew or ought to have known that recommended treatments would cause thousands of deaths? Not necessarily at all. There is evidence that the US FDA did indeed know back in October 2020 prior to authorising emergency use as they presented a slide showing dozens of known potential adverse events. However, only a few key experts needed to ‘know’ in each country. Although we can be sure that key people of influence in politics, at the head of medical bodies, unions etc are under the influence of the perpetrators of this crime, the remainder would only need to be presented with biased/misrepresented information, be subjected to repeat messaging by the media, subjected to bribes, enticements, manipulation, threats and subtle blackmail techniques. 

Immunology and molecular biology can be incredibly complex areas. Researchers often spend years looking at very narrow areas of subject matter and often do not necessarily have detailed knowledge of other areas. Most experts, including doctors, have only a very cursory knowledge of immunology which does not enable them to question what they are told. Many professionals are busy people and would have taken the vaccine trial data at face value instead of digging further, especially as they were presented with a solution to what they thought was a dreadfully dangerous pandemic that would kill many people. There is also the issue of groupthink and not wishing to be an outlier. Experts and the medical profession are just as vulnerable to coercive control and manipulation as the rest of the public. For the vast majority, their jobs and livelihoods are dependent on compliance, and so even if they are not deceived, they will often not have the courage to step out of line. For instance, doctors in several countries have been sent letters from their medical bodies warning them of disciplinary action and loss of certification should they step out of line. Most members of the JCVI had no motive to question in detail all information they received and would have taken much of it in good faith. 

Government leaders reacted in a similar way to others all around the world, using exactly the same terminology and language as if they themselves were controlled and coordinated in some way. Robert Kennedy outlines the means by which governments have been persuaded to react in this coordinated fashion. Starting in Jan/Feb 2020, I have watched many hours of video footage of some of the many simulations he refers to. In the US Dr Fauci was clearly the driving force. In the UK there are probably at least a few key experts driving decision making. 

28. Who can we believe? 

As explained, fact checkers, MSM and others will attempt to smear and discredit anyone with a different view. But consider this: who is more likely to be telling you the truth? Is it people who have conflicts of interest, who stand to gain financially, whose jobs or research funding depend on staying in line or who have participated and are fully invested in the entire operation? Is it governments that will be terrified of public anger should they discover the extent to which governments have been complicit in furthering the interests of industry at the expense of the population? Or is it experts, scientists and doctors who are at the very top of their fields of expertise with multiple degrees, PhDs and other credentials from the world’s top universities, Nobel Prize winning scientists, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology itself, who stand to lose everything including their jobs, their reputation and money but feel they have a duty to their fellow human beings to warn them about something so wrong and consequential that they are willing to sacrifice all those things? These are the people you will hear from if you have watched the material linked in this document. And bear in mind that these people still continue shouting, if not from the rooftops, from every limited platform they can still manage to get on, despite barriers, ostracization, threats, loss of income and persistent attempts to sue, intimidate and silence them. Ask yourself: why will they still not just give up from desperately trying to warn others and trying to stop what is happening, despite considerable costs to themselves? Can they really all be that mad or deranged, or mistaken? They certainly do not sound as if they are any of those things to me. To me they sound like very principled, highly intelligent people for whom scientific integrity, truth, justice and empathy for fellow human beings are very important. 

Look around you and ask yourself whether there have been far more ‘health conditions’ including returning cancers and unexpected deaths in people you personally know since the commencement of the vaccine programme. Where deaths of people you know may have been labelled as Covid deaths, had these people in fact been vaccinated? Were the deaths really caused by Covid or now that you know the mechanisms involved, could they have been caused by ADE, the injection or something else entirely? Are you now seeing lots of cases of infections, including Covid, in fully vaccinated people? Is it time we started believing our own eyes rather than what we are fed via our TV by those who do not have our best interests at heart?

If you do not wish to continue being fed propaganda by your TV and papers you can access fully researched and refenced truthful free news from UK Column, broadcast 3 days a week but available to watch at any time. Their members have grown exponentially since the start of the ‘pandemic’ as more and more people come to realise that we are being grossly misled.

29. Legal Action

In addition to the many legal cases already noted here, there have been a number of other victories, such as a Spanish ruling that lockdowns and restrictions are unlawful, but governments continue to ignore all of these. They appear to be operating above the law in many cases. Many legal actions have been filed with many more pending all around the world against the mandating of vaccines, vaccine passports, vaccination of children and vaccination of the Covid recovered. Criminal cases have also been filed against individual members of governments. However, many courts and some judiciary have been compromised and this is a very slow process, particularly as cases have been deliberately delayed and judges have been intimidated or influenced. We can no longer rely on the justice system to protect us, but we have to hope some parts of it are still functional. 

There is so much more than can be said but there is already an enormous amount of information to digest and consider especially if you have not been aware of much of this previously, so I will finish here with a list of sources of further information which it might be helpful to glance over (as they deserve more than mere relegation to the back pages), before concluding:

30. Additional resources and information

This excellent presentation by Nick Hudson of PANDATA is well worth watching at this point to reinforce/add to the above:  

Ernst Wolf. Uncovering the Corona narrative, 21 Aug 2021. Author, journalist and expert in matters of the global financial economy, Ernst Wolff gave this speech on 21st Aug at the Growth Earth Peace and Freedom 2021 Congress in Davos (WEFF): 

Letter from 13 highly respected world leading experts to Sajid David, MHRA, JCVI, CDC, FDA and others:

30 facts You Need to Know. Your Covid Crib sheet: 

Denis Rancourt, a highly qualified professor and research scientists who has now lost his position, been censored, and had all his research removed by ResearchGate:

Mike Whitney 9.10.21. Will Vaccine-Linked Deaths Rise Sharply this Winter?

Dr Richard Fleming, PhD, MD, JD. Cardiologist, Nuclear Cardiologist, Certified in Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Juris Prudence Doctor of Law, Researcher, Inventor, Author: Excellent highly informative detailed technical information that all doctors should watch (this might get taken down so might be worth watching early): There have been attempts to smear Dr Fleming by suing him for fraud. For further details and his side of the story please go to his website – noted further on.

Dr Stephanie Seneff PhD, multiple degrees and PhDs from MIT, and Greg Nigh: This is a highly informative and interesting paper, and I would draw readers’ attention to the following list of firsts for these vaccines highlighted on page 1, extracted here, highlighting the experimental nature of these vaccines:

Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund ‘All you need to Know’ - full set of slides with linked information  prepared for the FDA:

This is another message from Team Steve Kirsch. ‘VAERS signals for older children look awful and with red flags abounding. The CDC looked at 14 deaths in their analysis of 12–17-year-old deaths’. Here’s the relevant paragraph:

‘CDC reviewed 14 reports of death after vaccination. Among the decedents, four were aged 12–15 years and 10 were aged 16–17 years. All death reports were reviewed by CDC physicians; impressions regarding cause of death were pulmonary embolism (two), suicide (two), intracranial hemorrhage (two), heart failure (one), hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis and disseminated Mycobacterium chelonae infection (one) and unknown or pending further records (six).’

‘THIS SHOULD HAVE TRIGGERED A RED ALERT. BUT THEY IGNORED IT!?! I did a full breakdown of 13 of the cases here starting on page 57: Why so many Americans are refusing to get vaccinated. Half of them had heart attacks! That’s impossible if the vaccines are safe. All the deaths were consistent with the mechanism of action of the vaccines. Two died from PE; it is one of the TOP safety signals I found. And Intracranial hemorrhage *ALMOST NEVER* appears in VAERS in this age group (only 2 instances in 5 years). So, to have TWO ICHs right after COVID vaccinations causing death in kids is a 10-alarm fire drill. Because the VRBPAC committee and ACIP committee and FDA and CDC IGNORED everything I sent them, they left me with no choice but to go public with my findings that the CDC, FDA and their external committees are either corrupt or incompetent or both. This is why none of them will debate me on this. Everything I found was consistent with the mechanism of action. And now with multiple peer-reviewed papers in medical journals that back up my assertions, it makes it very hard for them to argue the science or try to discredit me. They will continue to stonewall and hide behind false ‘fact checks’ and continue to use the CDC myth statements about VAERS taking those as ‘facts’ when they are easily disproved.

The more they hide the worse it will look. They can’t bury the truth forever. This spreadsheet shows the elevation vs. ‘baseline reporting levels in VAERS’… so VAERS vs. VAERS (correcting for the 4X under-reporting this year)… that’s not a typo… On average we are seeing a 4x *LOWER* propensity to report this year and we have the evidence to prove that if challenged (which nobody is interested in doing). The committee members should resign. The most important job is to spot safety signals and these members couldn’t spot any of over 1,000 signals, even after I notified them of a problem. They had NO interest in looking at the data.”

The Story of Our World. Anonymous producer. Very long at just over 2 hours but well worth the time:

Professor Joel Hirschhorn: ‘Revolting against the dystopian COVID vaccine manifesto with data, science, in order to save humanity.’

Dr Janci Lindsay: Director of Toxicology and Molecular Biology for Toxicology Support Services, LLC. Dr Lindsay holds a doctorate degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical. This podcast is authoritative and accurate on the immunology involved despite ‘Fact’ Checkers attempts to smear Dr Lindsay. The later discussions beyond 32 minutes are especially relevant to children and to fertility issues:

Dr Hodkinson, “there’s no such thing as mild myocarditis”:

Dr Hoffe: found evidence that 62% of patients develop micro blood clots after the Moderna shot:  

Both of the above Cambridge educated doctors are being persecuted by Canadian health authorities.

Dr Sam White re his persecution by the UK GMC because of his ethical stance, and details of his legal action:

Dr Mike Yeadon, ex-Pfizer Vice President (Head of Allergy and Respiratory) and Chief Scientist founder of his own successful biotech company which was sold to Novartis: 

‘A Scientist’s Guide for Parents’ by Dr Byram W. Bridle PhD, Associate Professor of Viral Immunology, and vaccine developer June 15, 2021:   

Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology for vaccines: ,

Dr Peter McCullough MD, MPH, FACC,FAHA. Probably the world’s foremost expert on the pandemic response and the most cited doctor in the National Library of Medicine. Editor of two medical journals and many other accolades and positions including chairing drug safety monitoring boards. Interview with Alex Jones, InfoWars 7.9.21:

Dr Peter McCullough excellent keynote speech 24.9.21:

Professor Perronne, ex French vaccine policy head:

Dr Zelenko discussion with Israeli ministers and officials:

Dr Zelenko and Dr David Sorenson: The Vaccine Death Report:

Dr Tess Lawrie MBBCh, DFSRH, PhD, Director of Evidence Based Medicine, advisor to WHO (assisting with developing international guidelines and policy):

This is now some months old and vaccine injuries have continued to mount up. I attended a zoom meeting with Dr Lawrie and many concerned doctors at the end of June. A response later received from Dr Raine, MHRA, to Dr Lawrie’s preliminary report and urgent calls to halt the vaccine programme was dismissive and highly unsatisfactory.

Dr David Martin is the founding CEO of M∙CAM Inc. M∙CAM is the international leader in intellectual property-based financial risk management. From auditing patent quality for governments and patent offices, to providing state-of-the-art actuarial risk management systems and solutions to the largest banks and insurance companies, M∙CAM has established a global standard in patent quality and commercial validity assessment and management. Evidence regarding patents and money flows to Reiner Fuellmich and the German Corona Committee:

Dossier of Evidence that the vaccine was developed as a bioweapon between the US and China: 

Iain Davies: The Rationale for the Continued Vaccine Roll-Out is Not Evident:

This anonymous post is written by someone who clearly knows their pathology, medicine, immunology and biochemistry. Fantastic account for anyone wanting detailed information on these. The speculative section has unfortunately got plenty of basis and is not just fanciful in my opinion:

Website sources of reliable scientific and factual information:



UK Column:

Dr Fleming:

The Daily Sceptic: 


UK Medical Freedom Alliance:

The Fat Emperor with Ivor Cummings: 

Corona Investigative Committee:

America’s Front-Line Doctors:

Independent Information (resources):

America Out Loud – The McCullough Report:

A few non Covid books for relevant background information written by top experts with outstanding credentials. Please ignore articles written to discredit them and discourage you from looking at their work and books.

Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime by Peter Gotzsche

Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk

Imagine you are an Aluminium Atom by Professor Christopher Exley

Science for Sale by David Lewis PhD

31. Conclusion, a call for action, and hope for the future 

The evidence, although suppressed and made difficult to find and verify for the vast majority of the public, is overwhelming and irrefutable that the injections cause immeasurably more harm than good, that they are far less effective than claimed and that they are in fact highly counterproductive. The number of deaths very likely attributable to these gene-based interventions number in the hundreds of thousands worldwide, with injuries in the millions. This makes them the most dangerous vaccines ever injected into human beings by a very long margin. Evidence indicates that many deaths since 8 December 2020 in the UK blamed on Covid are in actual fact caused by the injections themselves. Deaths from any cause within 28 days of a positive Covid test have been also classified as Covid deaths. Deaths from Covid are clearly exaggerated while deaths from the vaccine are minimised or misattributed. However, vaccination has turned into such a strong belief system based on blind faith and obedience that it has an almost quasi-religious status with non-believers being ostracised and demonised. It is far removed from science and the factual evidence base but just like in a cult, people have become so indoctrinated that some of them have become incapable of even engaging with the rational arguments. 

Evidence indicates that we would have had virtually no excess deaths last year and the pandemic would have been over by the end of the year, had the injection programme not been introduced. In fact, this is precisely what has happened in the Amish community as shown at the very start of this account. This shows us what everyone should have done and perhaps would have done had another meticulously rehearsed agenda not been planned for the entire world. Why did we not shelter the vulnerable as suggested by the signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration, initiated by eminent epidemiologists from the world’s top universities, Oxford, Stanford and Harvard, a suggestion which was very possibly supported by the vast majority of the public? Who was actually behind the ridiculing and demonising of their efforts and the vicious personal attacks they were made to endure? Why was there no effort to educate the public about prevention and why was no treatment provided to Covid patients? If the NHS is under pressure, how does it make sense to drive medical staff out of their long-held jobs because of their refusal to take injections which they have seen for themselves to be unsafe? 

Had the vaccination campaign never started in the UK, herd immunity would now be protecting us: there would be no deaths caused by compromised immune systems/vaccine damage and I believe we would be having a very normal year. Viruses virtually always mutate to be more transmissible but less dangerous. One would therefore expect, especially given the evidence from serology surveys (now showing over 93% have antibodies) and lack of detection of IgM antibodies, that the virus should be endemic and fairly harmless by now and the level of deaths negligible. Unfortunately, however, the double vaccinated, who now appear to have compromised immune systems because of the injections, have become good transmitters and so people are still succumbing to Covid. In truth, these deaths should be attributed to the vaccine, not to Covid, as the vaccines have caused the immune dysregulation and therefore the continuation of illness.  

These ‘vaccines’ have been injected into people who have no idea of their experimental nature, of the total lack of long-term safety data, nor the potential risks. This is in clear contravention of the Nuremberg Code 1947 put in place to ensure atrocities carried out by the Nazi regime could never be repeated. It is also in contravention of medical ethics and the Hippocratic Oath sworn by doctors to ‘do no harm’. The Nuremberg Code requires the voluntary informed consent of the subject, and it is clear that coercion negates the voluntary nature of consent. In the case of Covid vaccines, the subject has not only not been informed, but on the contrary, has been wilfully disinformed and there has been an astonishing degree of coercion through public messaging. Furthermore, not a single other criterion of the ten requirements in the code is complied with. ‘Fact’ checkers again try to muddy the waters on this issue. 

It might be an uncomfortable and upsetting realisation, but thousands of doctors and scientists believe, as I do, that the injections have only served to artificially perpetuate both the appearance of a pandemic by causing significant numbers of further deaths and injury from all causes, and the pandemic itself by perpetuating infection because of non-sterilising immunity of an immunocompromised highly transmitting vaccinated population. Furthermore, the injections are now unnecessary and counterproductive as the vast majority of the unvaccinated population has already reached herd immunity. If we do not immediately halt this dangerous self-perpetuating programme, there is every likelihood that hospitalisations, serious harms and deaths from all causes will escalate to frightening levels and that immune systems will be crippled further. Many people, including young children, have already died and many more, probably many millions, have become seriously injured and may have developed the beginning of insidious conditions they have no idea about that will only emerge later. 

Educating the public on how they can support and boost their immune systems, properly supporting and treating the millions who have already experienced vaccine damage, and where genuine cases of Covid are still occurring, to make available the safe and highly effective treatments, must be a priority and the only humane way forward. This has been a pandemic not so much of a virus, but a pandemic of fear, greed, coercion and manipulation, largely and deliberately caused by the very reactions meant to prevent it.

One of the reasons for those in charge ignoring mounting deaths and injuries and striving to perpetuate the appearance of a pandemic is that without the vaccines there will be no vaccine passports. Without the continuation of a pandemic there is no excuse for the emergency legislation which allows the government to get away with doing whatever it wishes without proper parliamentary scrutiny. And without vaccine passports it will be difficult to implement digital ID which can be tied to a fully programmable Central Bank Digital Currency, enabling a never before imagined level of extreme control over every aspect of our lives. The prospect of such an enslaved robotic like future devoid of freedom, humanity, democracy and liberty should terrify us all and be resisted with everything we have. 

It is clear that much of what has happened has been planned for decades and is on such a massive scale, involving tens of thousands of people, that it is almost beyond comprehension for anyone who has not sat through several solid months’ worth of information. But many more people are now waking up daily and questioning what is going on. Even the press and MPs are asking more questions. The number and scale of riots, protests, whistle-blowing and legal actions is increasing around the world, and one can only hope it is only a matter of time before the massive worldwide fraud crumbles and is exposed in spite of the TV/BBC and press remaining steadfast in refusing to report any of this. But on a matter which threatens our very existence and our future, we cannot rely on mere hope. We can all help by signing up to the declaration at #Together, a nationwide alliance of campaign groups, business leaders, senior doctors, NHS staff, professionals, and citizens of the UK, united in opposition to the unnecessary authoritarian Government response to Covid-19.

This document by Simon Elmer contains a detailed guide on how we can all play our part to create effective passive resistance and why we all must. 

I will leave you with an extract:

“The greatest threat to our freedoms today comes not from those imposing the regulations and programmes of the UK biosecurity state but from the millions of masked, tracked, tested and injected citizens who unthinkingly obey them and eagerly collaborate in policing those who resist. …………. Never in recent history has there been a threat to our freedom that more justifies, more demands, our passive non-compliance, active civil disobedience and collective resistance to the disaster into which we are being led under the cloak of this manufactured crisis. Every few generations a people has to fight the rise of what we now call fascism - sometimes in external wars, more often from within - and this is our generation’s fight, against the UK Government, its global corporate allies, and the national state apparatus they are deploying in an undeclared civil war against the British people.

On 4 October, France introduced a Bill mandating COVID-19 ‘vaccination’ for every citizen by 1 January 2022, with repeat fines of €1,500 for every refusal by the non-compliant, and presumably a custodial sentence for those who can’t or won’t pay. In the light of the anticipated 23 per cent increase in the imprisoned population of the UK biosecurity state I discussed in Part 2, we should never forget that the first concentration camps built in the Third Reich weren’t for Jews but for the Communists and Social Democrats that constituted the greatest threat to Hitler’s dictatorship. And just as the prisoners taken into ‘protective custody’ in Dachau and Sachsenhausen must have wished they’d risen up against the constitutional dictatorship of the Third Reich when they still could, we must hope the future subjects of the UK biosecurity state won’t one day look back on this moment as the last chance we had to overthrow its implementation………”

…..If we don’t stand up to this now while we still can, we will have the rest of our lives to regret it.”

Postscript 16.10.21. The French Senate rejected this Bill a few days ago following massive widespread opposition and continuous protests by ordinary French citizens. This gives us much hope, inspiration and an example to follow!

Eshani King BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, FCA, CTA, BFP               7.10.21      revised 16.10.21

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