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Music, Meditation & Masks

25 June 2021

Music pours into every part of your body and lifts the heart and soul. Pleasing music must create some kind of divine connection because it can affect your mood intensely within seconds. It can unite us, soothe us, excite us and make us dance. 

I'd like to see more musicians making protest music in these times of potential revolution and awakening. Perhaps we still see more. So far among the freedom-hearted musicians we have Van Morrison (who I've had dinner with a few times - not in a date capacity but with a couple of other friends each time), Eric Clapton, Maxi Priest, Remeece Music, Sizzla, and apparently Busta Rhymes has joined the ranks. Unfortunately DMX didn't get the chance

I compiled a Covid Songs playlist on YouTube and added songs I felt were relevant to the times we find ourselves in. Of course the obligatory 'If You Tolerate This' by Manic Street Preachers leading the way, closely followed by 'Life's What You Make It' by Talk Talk. 


When I was at Catholic school we used to pray for The Pope, The Bishop, our priests and nuns etc. It gave me the idea to do a quick morning meditation for a different key person in 'the movement' each day. I've noticed that many others have had the same idea - Mark Devlin is organising mass meditations for the greater good and various other people. I shared the idea on Twitter and a few of us have been doing this at 10am BST every morning. We even have friends in Sweden and further afield doing this with us. Whether you like to pray, meditate, send Reiki healing or positive thoughts out, it all counts towards raising our collective vibe and helping support steering things in the right direction. 

So far we have visualised light, love and protection for the following people:

Dr Mike Yeadon
Dr Tess Lawrie
Reiner Fuellmich
Dr Pam Popper

Tomorrow we will be holding space for EVERYONE who is going on the freedom march. 

I have been tweeting each day who we are meditating or praying for. Would be lovely if you felt like joining in. My faith is the Universal Energy, however I find wisdom in all sorts of writings and this one from the Bible seems appropriate for this subject: 

'For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them.' Matthew 18:20


As an independent magazine editor I like to come up with different features and one of them that's coming up next season involved going around charity shops with two stylists, looking for bargains that we would actually wear as complete outfits. It was fun but I don't wear masks and always have an underlying concern when I go out that someone will question or confront me, even if wearing the sunflower ribbon. Must be 'in the flow' because so far it hasn't happened and it's been over a year now. Happy to discuss these things with people gently and lovingly, but confrontation triggers anxiety and when that happens I sometimes would rather not have gone out at all. I've had the opportunity in a few cases to explain to people that there are various reasons you can be exempt. See page on face coverings for more about exemptions. There are numerous studies showing evidence that fabric masks are not helpful or beneficial, in fact quite the opposite.