There is no shortage of articles about the pandemic and the measures and science surrounding it. This page has been created to compile some that may be of interest to you if you're exploring the counter narrative.


Examination of Science, Data and an Alternative Agenda

Eshani King BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, FCA, CTA, BFP

Evidence Based Research in Immunology and Health

iHW informed Health Works     

Dr Marcus de Brun

Dr Tess Lawrie

Crowd Justice via Awakened World

Neil Clark

Dr Zelenko via America's Frontline Doctors

Dr Tess Lawrie, Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy

RougeNoirUK Blog

Waking up next to my warm, gently snoring husband I came to the conclusion that making a website, running three Twitter accounts and various groups on Facebook and Telegram as well as reading and watching information on a daily basis and reading books is not enough. As someone who has been writing for years, it's time I wrote a blog as well.