For anyone who is ready to blow the whistle.

How to speak out

Information taken from a message from a full time researcher with the Covid 19 assembly team of barristers and lawyers and also

The CV19 assembly is offering free legal advice and anonymous (if needed) whistleblowing support to all healthcare workers who are still too scared to come forward. If you are in contact with any NHS / HCA staff who feel this way still, please tell them to whistleblow now - we are already serving legal Notice of Liability to ALL NHS trusts, hospitals in the UK, paramedics, school trusts, Drs surgeries, NHS CCG, etc. People who have not spoken out will all be held personally liable for crimes against humanity and child genocide. Time is not on their side now - they have a short window of opportunity if they to come forward now or they will be considered to be complicit. They need to find courage and fast. Covering the whole UK. People can whistleblow by visiting: