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Subject Line: High Priority / Re: COVID 19 experimental vaccination in schools

Dear [Name of your head teacher, name of your secondary school]

Regarding your responsibilities for conducting experimental medical trials on school grounds:

The government has drawn up contingency plans to vaccinate secondary school pupils against Covid 19 at the beginning of the new academic year; this is extremely concerning. 

The Covid 19 injection is an ongoing medical trial with emergency use authorisation for voluntary use among the public. This is the first time that mRNA (self amplifying RNA) has ever been used in humans. Phase III of this trial is running until 2023. Until the trial is complete, it is classed as a medical experiment / medical trial. 

Under Point 1 of the Nuremberg Code medical experiments or trials require voluntary and informed consent of all participants. Therefore ALL school children must be excluded from medical experiments as they have not got the capacity for making informed consent decisions until they reach the age of consent. Gillick competence guidelines do not apply to the situation around COVID 19 experimental vaccinations. 

Additionally, under Point 5 of the Nuremberg Code NO medical experiments or trials whatsoever should be conducted where there is a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur. 

According to the Yellow Card System in the UK Death has been listed as an outcome related to COVID-19 vaccines at least 1,143 times for COVID-19 vaccines as of May 6, 2021. 

The same data shows Deafness as an outcome related to COVID-19 vaccines at least 280 times and Blindness as an outcome at least 180 times for COVID-19 vaccines as of May 6, 2021

According to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) Death has been listed as an outcome related to COVID-19 vaccines at least 3,924 times as of May 8, 2021.* 

*Please note that all supporting evidence is provided in the notes at the end of this document.

The above listed data is sufficient proof to believe that death or disabling injury could occur as a result of the COVID 19 experimental vaccines. 

Imagine if this was a student at your school? 

I know that as a head teacher you care deeply for every single one of your pupils and see the infinite and precious potential of every single human being in your care. I know that you understand your responsibility for the safety of all your pupils while on the school grounds. 

Receipt of this email shows you have been made aware death or other serious injuries are possible outcomes for pupils taking the COVID 19 experimental vaccinations. 

I hope that you will not allow any experimental vaccination programs whatsoever to take place on your school’s property. I would also encourage you to send a letter to all parents informing them of the points raised above so as to suitably inform any decisions they may take concerning their own children’s health. 

Finally, under point 10 of the Nuremberg Code it states, ‘the scientist in charge of a medical experiment / medical trial must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he/she has probable cause to believe the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.’ 

Can you tell me who at the school would be acting as ‘the scientist in charge’ should this medical experiment / medical trial of COVID 19 experimental vaccine go ahead?

Please can you make a formal response within 10 days to acknowledge the concerns I have raised here. I would like to have written reassurance that your school will not be taking part in any medical experiments on school property whatsoever at any time now or in the future. 

Kind regards 

[Your Name]

* Supporting evidence







Run your own report to check results here by clicking link below and follow instructions: 


Raw text from May 8, 2021

"Notes" "Vaccine Manufacturer" "Vaccine Manufacturer Code" Events Reported Percent

"JANSSEN" "592" 268 7.24%

"MODERNA" "591" 1918 51.84%

"PFIZER\BIONTECH" "590" 1719 46.46%


"Total" 3924 106.05%


"Dataset: The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)"

"Query Parameters:"

"Event Category: Death"

"State / Territory: The United States/Territories/Unknown"

"Vaccine Products: COVID19 VACCINE (COVID19)"

"Group By: Vaccine Manufacturer"

"Show Totals: True"

"Show Zero Values: False"


"Help: See http://wonder.cdc.gov/wonder/help/vaers.html for more information."


"Query Date: May 8, 2021 2:19:19 AM"


"Suggested Citation: Accessed at http://wonder.cdc.gov/vaers.html on May 8, 2021 2:19:19 AM"


“NHS England draws up plan to give Covid jabs to children 12 and over;

Contingency planning in place to vaccinate secondary school pupils at start of new academic year”


“The ongoing phase III trials for covid-19 vaccines are some of the most consequential randomised trials ever done.”.....“The covid-19 vaccine protocols should be scrutinised by the widest possible readership, to open a critical discussion of many questions about their design and conduct. These include why children, immunocompromised people, and pregnant women have been excluded from most trials; whether the right primary endpoint has been chosen; whether safety is being adequately evaluated; and whether gaps in our understanding of the clinical implications of pre-existing T cell responses to SARS-CoV-2 are being addressed.11”


“Following extensive pre-clinical testing, this next phase of the trial will allow us to refine our innovative, self-amplifying RNA vaccine for the first time in humans.”


Gillick competence does not appear to apply to COVID 19 Experimental vaccines


    “The ten points of the Nuremberg Code[edit]

The ten points of the code were given in the section of the judges' verdict entitled "Permissible Medical Experiments":[6]