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Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

12 June 2021

Waking up next to my warm, gently snoring husband I came to the conclusion that making a website, running three Twitter accounts and various groups on Facebook and Telegram as well as reading and watching independent information on a daily basis and reading books is not enough. As someone who has been writing for years and produces a seasonal magazine, it's time I started a blog as well. So here it is.

Nothing we do is wasted. Seeds we plant, they just have to grow. Even when planted on rocky ground, some plants manage to get their roots down and push up into the world. Yesterday my dad was showing me some vibrant purple flowers that had sprung up in the wall in his driveway. They were growing through the cracks so I had a look to see where they had started from - had they come through from the neighbours' garden? No, they appeared to have started in the dry, barren Cotswold Stone. 

The same goes for the work we do. Everything contributes to the whole. Tiny seeds eventually bring forth fruit or flowers. Getting your thoughts onto a blog online could be a part of the force for good that is currently needed more than ever before in this lifetime. 

20 years ago a friend once said to me 'Where attention goes, energy flows' and this resonated with me and was my introduction to the Law of Attraction. It sparked interest and became part of my spiritual/self-development path. Around the same time, living in London, I was wrestling with various 'mental health issues' such as anxiety, OCD and emetophobia (a fear of vomiting, seeing vomit, watching other people vomit, or even feeling sick) and I came across a book which advised to stop watching The News. It was either 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway' or 'You Can Heal Your Life'. Well, this was a huge breakthrough for me. The News usually focusses on the bad news. I imagine it's the same now although I haven't watched it properly for 20 years, but at the time you were lucky if you got a cute animal story at the end of a newscast, such as 'Pub Landlord's Dog Likes Beer'. You'd see a clip of an enthusiastic dog quaffing from a pint glass. Or a parrot who had learnt to make the sound of a telephone ringing. Those were the only bit of news that did it for me, so I decided to scrap it all and make sure (for the most part) I wasn't exposed to it. Sometimes it would be on at someone else's place so I might catch a few moments. I could see how people would get sucked in. Songs with lyrics like 'Television, the drug of the nation' rang true with me. I've never felt I was missing out. 

The News wasn't something I'd invited into my life - it was something my grandparents had on as regularly as clockwork when Mum and I used to live with them. Part of the daily routine. When you were in the kitchen it would be on the radio. In the lounge it would be on the TV. It was just a part of life. My granddad had been in the army so I expect they'd got addicted when The News started to become a thing, what with the War and everything. They'd had radio so it must have been exciting when the groundbreaking invention of the television came along. They wouldn't dream of switching it off and going about life without it. So this all starts very early on. You are exposed to something that has been chosen for your consumption by someone else. Someone distant from your life is producing it and casting it out. Someone who loves you? Not really. Someone who wants you to think or believe a certain way. Perhaps to inform you, but with information they select

Ever since social media came along, although I have embraced it for communication, I haven't used it to view or follow mainstream news and narrative. I'll happily glance through a magazine, notice a headline or watch some red carpet footage, but in general my exposure to conventional and established news and media is minimal. You could say that I am immune to its delivery. And therein lies one of the reasons why it was not hard for me to think outside the box when the pandemic came along. 

I should mention that I have dipped in over the years when something has touched my heart and I feel I need to connect and send positive thoughts. My Reiki Master told us during one of her courses that sometimes it is good (or perhaps necessary) for us to tune in when there's a global crisis, disaster or world event that grabs our compassion or is heart-wrenching. When the Boxing Day Tsunami happened in 2004 this was before I'd started doing Reiki but I was drawn to cry and pray and watch it anyway. For the people, for the animals, it was just awful and the only thing you could do was send love. When the Sandy Hook school shooting was on The News I did the same thing. I believe when we all focus on something that needs healing, we are able to send positive loving energy there. Is this kind of energy real? Dr Joe Dispenza says: 'Science has become the contemporary language of the mystical. In fact, it is science that demystifies the mystical. When we started seeing measurable changes in people’s health, as well as in their lives, it became evident that something was happening within a person’s mind and body - and we felt it was important to measure those changes.'

We've all seen the kind of movies where there's a goodie and a baddie and after a huge struggle or battle, good wins over evil, such as Avatar, Star Wars, Despicable Me or every single James Bond film ever. Well that's about where we're at now. A growing number of people are recognising that lies, deception and decisions of horrific consequence for society are going on, and everyone fighting against it and standing up for human rights and transparency is an important part of the solution. Our voices alone might feel small but together we make up a huge torrent. A Tsunami of kindness, light, rationality and all those good things. 

This is my first blog post as RougeNoir. I know there are many, many subjects to cover around the pandemic and the idea of taking them on is overwhelming. There are knowledgeable experts out there with no hidden agenda who are constantly delivering data and evidence; my blog will be more likely to focus on my own journey through this untrodden land in which we find ourselves, and perhaps some chinks of light and positivity as well as any discoveries or thoughts that may be of interest. If you've arrived at this place and are reading this I am going to assume you're a critical thinker, therefore you will read with an open mind and are already focussing your own attention on our shared goal. For anyone who thinks I'm talking in riddles, an expression of the shared goal would be freedom of choice and movement, bodily autonomy without overlooking the safeguarding and support of those who are vulnerable, elderly or fearful. Of major importance is protecting our children and young people from coercion and from having to take risks which might by far outweigh any possible benefits. 

All those tweets you are tweeting, messages you're sending, conversations you're having, information you're sharing - they all make up part of what's going on. You're on the right side of history. 

If you're looking for inspiration on how to begin your own blog, I can recommend a book by Natasha Courtenay-Smith called 'The Million Dollar Blog'. Anyone who can think and can type (or dictate), can blog. If you'd like to submit yours for this website, drop me a line to I check that inbox about twice a week. 

Love, Rouge x